iBegin makes its US Debut!

iBegin KalamazooIn June, I had the privilege of interviewing iBegin founder, Ahmed Farooq, about his up-and-coming local search site. Back then, iBegin was already gaining popularity with Toronto users, and plans were in place to expand the site to Ottawa. And just today, it was announced that iBegin is now live in Kalamazoo, MI! According to Ahmed’s blog, this will be the last US release until mid January of 2007, when iBegin will launch a new US city every week.

I’m personally waiting for iBegin to come to Phoenix, AZ – hint hint. I already have a few suggestions in mind. By the way, I think the South Mountain skyline and a few cacti would make a great backdrop for the Phoenix logo. What do you think Ahmed? 🙂

If you want iBegin in your neck of the woods, you can drop them a line via their contact form. And for those of you who didn’t get a chance to read my earlier posts on iBegin, here are the links to Ahmed’s interview and my iBegin write-up…

iBegin – Local Search That Works (June 28th, 2006)
Keep an Eye on iBegin (April 14th, 2006)

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  1. sweet dude, I was born in Kalamazoo!! Go Blue!!

  2. TOMAS

    Hey Mark, now I can say that I know someone from Kalamazoo. 🙂 I never knew Kalamazoo had the first outdoor pedestrian mall in the US (circa 1959).

  3. I can take a hint 🙂

    [side note: Sorry I haven’t replied Tomas, busy moving (yes again). Will drop a line once I get the backlog]

  4. TOMAS

    Ahmed! For a second there, I thought you had been sucked up by your computer like Jeff Bridges in Tron. 🙂

    Oh, and don’t worry about iBegin Phoenix. I’m only a few days away from launching “iBegan Phoenix”. It’s 100% HTML back-end code where I update everything on the site by using M$ Word macros. Just kidding! 😀

    And yes, definitely drop me a line once you’re done moving!

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