Create A Twitter Background Using PowerPoint


Who would’ve thought that the presentation app used to lull audiences to sleep could also be used to create an appealing Twitter background? The process is fairly simple and Buy xenical or orlistat only limited by your imagination and Twitter’s 800Kb upload limit.

Step 1: Download The Twitter Background Template

The templates are designed around a common screen width of 1280px.

PowerPoint Template – Tested on PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2004 (for Mac)
Keynote Template – Tested on Keynote ’08.

Step 2: Create Your Twitter Background

After you’ve downloaded and opened the applicable template, you’ll notice four boxes that correspond to the various Twitter features as shown below:

Template Layout

At this point the sky is the limit when it comes to your design. For my background, I used a hi-res photo from Grunge Textures and fonts by Gyom Séguin; you can see the final result below:

Personal Twitter Background

Some items to keep in mind are…

  • Allow breathing room for any graphics placed to the left of the main content area since the content area shifts left and right depending on the browser’s window size.
  • Larger computer screens might cover up graphics placed to the right side of the sidebar.
  • Small text may become pixelated depending on the output quality of your image.
  • The templates are 1920×1200 pixels in size to account for most computer screens; feel free to change the template size to suit your needs.
  • Respect the copyrights of photographers and designers; when in doubt ask permission before using and modifying anyone’s photos or designs.

Step 3: Export Your New Twitter Background

If you’re using Windows, then exporting your background will require some patience and Buy xenical without a prescription elbow grease. Unfortunately, Microsoft makes it difficult for PowerPoint users to select the size and resolution of their slides when exporting to JPEG. You have the following choices…

  1. Choose File > Save As; select JPEG as the file type, and save. Then using Microsoft Paint, change the image size to 1920×1200 by going to Image > Attributes.
  2. If choice #1 yields a poor quality image, then you can adjust the output resolution by tinkering with the registry as explained in the following Microsoft Support article: How to change the resolution of a slide that you export as a picture in PowerPoint.
  3. If the previous two choices seem daunting, then you can spend a few bucks on the PPTools ImageExport PowerPoint add-in which gives you complete control over the entire export process.

If you’re using Apple’s OS X, then exporting your background is considerably easier. Keynote ’08 users can export their slides as images by choosing File > Export; select Images, then choose the output format, size, and quality. PowerPoint 2004 for Mac users can export their slides as images by choosing File > Save As; select JPEG as the format, then click the Options button located on the bottom left of the dialog box. Doing so will bring up a Preferences panel which contains size and quality options for exported JPEG images.

PowerPoint 2004 for Mac options

If your exported image exceeds Twitter’s 800Kb upload limit for backgrounds, then try reducing the quality or size of your exported image.

Step 4: Uploading Your New Twitter Background

The final step is to log-in to your Twitter account and click the Settings link located at the top of the page. On the setting page, click the Design tab and upload your new background via the Background Image field; click on the Home link at the top of the page if your background doesn’t appear.

Additional Resources

Although PowerPoint and Keynote aren’t full-fledged graphic design applications like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, they can still be used to turn out some nice designs. If you’re looking for some resources and inspiration for your Twitter background, feel free to check out the following links:

photo credit: waynesutton12 photo credit: waynesutton12 Twitter user @ronji photo credit: wboswell

Also, feel free to share your Twitter PowerPoint/Keynote background design, tips, and questions by leaving a comment!

The Closet Entrepreneur

Post Scriptum: Follow me on Twitter @tomascarrillo.

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  1. thanks for featuring my twitter page =)

  2. TOMAS

    @ronji – No problem, it’s an awesome design! BTW, thanks for the story behind the creation of the image.


  3. ige

    Great work, this is awesome!
    I’m wondering:-
    1- Where did you get the upper red photo from the page of your twitter.
    2- How did you made your name on the left with the frame and 90 degree set.

  4. TOMAS

    @ige – The entire background is comprised of this photo from Grunge Textures; it’s mirrored and rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

    The name on the left is actually just a text box that has been rotated and then decorated with a picture frame – this part was actually done with iWork ’08’s Keynote application and not PowerPoint. :)

    Hope that helps!

  5. I like the tutorial. I’m sorry I found it after I created my own site with repeating backgrounds for Twitter.

  6. TOMAS

    @Designer – No need to be sorry, you’ve got a nice collection of patterns going!


  7. What a great tutorial – thanks! I created my Twitter background using a newsletter template from my desktop publishing software, but I know it’s not optimized for different screen sizes. Plus I love another fun way to play!

  8. TOMAS

    @Laurie – Let me know how the template works out for you (if you decide to use it). BTW, I really like your blog’s WordPress theme, it really stands out! I’ve been thinking of revamping the theme on this blog but 1) don’t want to do it myself and 2) don’t really want to pay a lot to get someone else to do it. Any recommendations?


  9. Tomas,

    Thanks for the article, I followed you here from a fellow twitter: YourStoryBrand

    I had did a twitter search and Very cheap viagra they came up, makes it a small world.

    Ended up editing image size in Paint, only had to do it ten times but the next one will be easier.

    AZMike (out here in Surprise)

  10. TOMAS

    @AZMike – Yeah, it definitely is a small world! I’m not sure if you were referring to or the Paint program that comes with Windows, but bummer to hear that it became such a hassle to finish. Another alternative to PowerPoint to use a Photoshop alternative like GIMP, Adobe Photoshop Express, or Pixlr.

    BTW, thanks for the Twitter add!

  11. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. it really makes it easy to see the difference tutorial. I followed you here from a fellow twitter:

  12. Your step-by-step guide to creating twitter backgrounds is quite informative & helpful.Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the advice… I’m on with it now!

  14. TOMAS

    @Create My Business Plan, @Internship, and @Advert Man – I’m glad you’re all able to make use of the twitter background templates and thank you for the positive comments!

  15. Tomas, thanks for the twitter template! I am up and running. YAY!

  16. TOMAS

    @Megan – You’re very welcome and thank you for the Twitter add! :)

  17. Anyone know where i can get some awesome water backgrounds…??? I love this template!

  18. TOMAS

    @Holly – There are tons of places to look but my favorite at the moment is Flickr. You can also try SXC, InterfaceLIFT, and Garr Reynold’s list of places to find good photos (located here). Hope that helps!


  19. Oooh – a way simple way to read n play while achieving something I’ve been thinking ’bout for weeks!

    Thanks for a spectacular tutorial. Love Saturday Tweets!

  20. I took your tutorial and created my first twitter background, but I used CorelDRAW as it is a program I am quite familiar with.

    I intend posting similar instructions on my site when I get my design right.


  21. Tomas,

    Excellent info – I followed your template and instructions and created this:

    I also posted a blog about my Twitter design extravaganza and Xenical pill for sale a link to this post. :)


  22. @Lissa Boles – Your welcome! By the way just an FYI, the link to your Twitter page on your blog points to @TrulyLissa which doesn’t exist – not sure if it’s supposed to point to @lissaboles instead?

    @African Boy – Glad you were able to adopt the tutorial for CorelDRAW! Be sure to let us know when your design is complete. :)

    @WhackedOut Marketing – Your Twitter background is classic! Thanks for posting about the tutorial on your awesome blog (and have to agree with you that things are easier on a Mac). ;)

  23. Very cool. Thank you for putting this out for folks on Twitter.

  24. This Twitter tutorial was so darn good, I just had to add it to my popular “Twittin Secrets – Worlds Greatest Twitter Tips” series. 100 Twitter tips, 100% free.

    Now, under TIP #15 – you’ll find this “Twitter PowerPoint” tutorial added…

    Great work, Tomas!

  25. @James – Your very welcome!

    @Dan Hollings – Thanks for the mention and link in Twittin Secrets!

  26. Anne

    Okay, I downloaded and opened the template, and then I got to

    Step 2: Create Your Twitter Background

    and I don’t have a clue how to do that. Either I’m just very tired and I’m missing it, or you didn’t really give any instructions here. You told me where to find graphics, which is not a problem, but you didn’t tell me what to do with those graphics.


  27. @Anne – I’m not trying to be a smart arse, but what you do with the graphics and template is completely up to you. You’re basically doing the same thing as designing a PowerPoint slide, with the exception that this is going to be something you use as your Twitter background.

    In other words, here’s your blank canvas and your paint brush, now paint your picture. :)

  28. Bravo Thomas,

    Sharing Good Work Product is a Good Thang

    Hope My Thumbs Up on StumbleUpon Helps the Causse


  29. I think this was very fun!

    A tip I might add is to take a screen shot of your profile page and then with constrain perportions enlarge it to fit into the template you are working on so you can get your proportions they way you want them displayed.

    The downside of course is not everyone is using widescreens and that it does not load the same for every browser and Order viagra no prescription OS.

    But it was for my enjoyment more than anything and I did add it to the flickr group.

  30. @JNFerree – A thumbs up on StumbleUpon is always welcomed around here, thanks! :)

    @Brenda – Thank you for the tip! I actually did take a screenshot to create the template but as you stated, the differences in screen sizes makes it a bit difficult to account for all scenarios. Still, I’m glad to hear you got a kick out of creating a background.


  31. I have seen many other good designs too, which would have the same “shortcomings”.This one was really cute:

    I think it is what I call “net forward” design. I think eventually the wide screen will dominate and browsers and design will lean to making use of it all.

    Not unlike the use of PNG files a few years ago, where the transparency would flatten to white in some browser/os scenarios – but now is not an issue except on old computers. Thankfully, I love PNG format :D

  32. @Brenda – You would think that Twitter would figure out a way to make custom backgrounds with clickable urls and css functionality something that users could pay for? Then again, I’m not sure how much importance people place on a nice looking background when they’re looking for people to follow.

    By the way, you would think that PNG would only be an issue with old computers, but IE6 still likes to screw up PNGs and ~20% of internet users still like to browse with it (vs 26% for IE7) – so proper PNG rendering may still be an issue for a while unless you add some javascript trickery to take care of IE6 browsers.


  33. Great tutorial!

    For those lazy among us, I have created a blog post with some useful online click-of-a-button Twitter resources here:


  34. You tips rock. I love my new twitter page!

  35. Good info! Here are a few sites that have some very nice textures/images that work well for backgrounds and/or tiling:

  36. @writer – Nice blog post. ;)

    @James Breeze – The new Twitter background is looking good!

    @Rob O. – Thanks for the links! I’m so happy to see that Mayang’s Texture Library is back up and running; the site was not online last time I paid a visit.

  37. Thanks for the help. It helped me produce my background at

  38. @Daniel J. Doughty – The new Twitter background looks good, and thanks for the follow! :)

  39. Tomas,

    Thanks for the awesome and extremely easy to follow tutorial. Great job!! Using your tips, I created a new background on my Wind of the Soul Twitter page.

    Thanks again,

  40. Here’s another site with some very nice photorealistic textures:

  41. Nice tutorial!

    This could easily be adapted to use other software programs as well.

    Good job, I’ll use this info for creating my own custom bg.


  42. @Wind of the Soul – You’re very welcome and glad to know you enjoyed the tutorial!

    @Rob O. – Thanks again for the link!

    @Douglas Wade – You’re correct… heck, you could even use Microsoft Word or a screen capture of your desktop to make a Twitter background. ;)

  43. Great tutorial, I have also created a twitter background template that can be found here with directions.

  44. I just tried using the template and it my design ended up looking really big when I uploaded it to Twitter (the scale was prob 1.5 to 2 times to big). Could this be because I used Vista? Can you think of any ways to fix this? I really like my design and want to get it to work! :)

  45. Whoaps! nice backgrounds! I’m gonna get 1 ;) thnx!

  46. I still can’t understand one problem, When I was using a 17″ screen my twit background was very cool. Now I upgraded to 22″ screen it all ruined! Now it means if I use a good image at the background for the 22″ screen then the other people with small screens would not be able to see them :( any solution to that ?

  47. @Nathalee – The issue with the generated image size is most likely due to the way image exporting is handled in Windows–see the resizing and Buy cialis professional exporting options under Step 3 in the article for more info. ;)

    @tAALz – Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the beast and there’s not really much you can do other than design your background for a common screen size. I ran into the same issue–I designed for a 1280px wide screen but anyone with a smaller screen will see that my name is covered by the main content area.

  48. To paraphrase Kings of Leon, this topic is on fire. Just to mention my site again, I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ve got plenty ideas, just need to find some time to put them down in Photoshop.


  49. Exactly how Twitter is going to overlay its boxes on your background image seems very difficult to predict because its elements proportionately size & position with differing resolutions and browsers.

    So it seems that the best solution is to be relatively left-justified and play it conservative with how much info you place there – really, you kinda hafta make the most of the first 1″ of real estate on the lefthand strip of the screen. You can assume otherwise that very often the text in your image is going to get stomped on by the floating Twitter boxes.

    And anything you place on the right side is a total gamble, very often getting cut off, misaligned, or overlapped.

    Remember that some viewers will have more or fewer browser toolbars – or different icon sizes on those toolbars – so even the vertical spacing is not a given.

  50. @Rob O – Great insight on designing a Twitter background!

  51. Chris

    Thanks for the ppt twitter background template–I had fun putting mine together and the template worked like a charm!

  52. @Chris – Great to hear that everything worked well for you!


  53. BenxDesign

    Doesnt work on IE7 -Twitter is incapable of showing my background which is 1600×1200 and only 87kb.
    I give up.

  54. @BenxDesign – What kind of error are you getting exactly? I know some people were having trouble changing their background images due to a Twitter hiccup, but it should be working now. Have you tried uploading a smaller background to see if that works?

  55. Hi,
    This is suresh from India. I like your help and its very useful.
    Thank you very much for sharing.

  56. Hi,
    For some reason, after saving your template as instructed, it uploads oddly. The template is offset of the Twitter template. Where did I go wrong?


  57. @Designer4u – You’re welcome! :)

    @Heather – I just took a peek at your background and I would recommend bringing your info and Viagra prices uk picture as far to the top and left of the template as possible. You might also want to make the bio and picture a tad bit smaller—I’m assuming that you’re using PowerPoint on a PC so chances are that your image may come out a little larger than normal. Also, be sure to erase the lines for the content area or they will also appear in the background.

    If all else fails, email your PowerPoint file to tomas(at)theclosetentrepreneur(dot)com and I can generate the background for you.


  58. Thanks for this guide. Gonna try it with either PowerPoint or Open Office.

  59. Cowvin the Cow want to say “Thank you” for this great information.

  60. J

    Hello Tomas,

    I am attempting to download a fond from Once I’ve saved it and I unzip the file, my computer tells me that the file is unavailable or corrupt. Help. I want to work on my project at the lake where I will have no internet access. I will strictly be working.

  61. Your Virtual Wizard


    Do you have a template for PowerPoint 2003? Please.

    Thank you!

  62. @J – It sounds like you may have to contact to see if the file is working correctly on their end. Another thing you might try is doing a Google search for the font you’re trying to download to see if any other font sites have it. Good luck on your quest! ;)

    @Your Virtual Wizard – Have you tried opening the PowerPoint template in PowerPoint 2003? It works in PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2004 for Mac, so I’m pretty sure it should also work in PPT 2003.

  63. Wijaya

    Thank you for your tips and tricks. And you do have a nice website :-)

  64. Hi,

    What would you charge us to make a custom Twitter design for our webmaster fourm? ( Here is our current Twitter account.. Looking foward to what you have to say..


  65. @Wijaya – Thank you! :)

    @Webmaster forum – I sent you an email with all the info; let me know if you didn’t get it. ;)

  66. Thank you so much for sharing this. I found it very helpful and I can’t wait to start designing my own backgrounds now with PPT. I appreciate all your work…God bless you!

  67. Thank you! I was wondering how I could achieve a nicer background for my new Twitter page @purplesc

    This is great, thank you for being kind and Cialis on sale sharing too!


  68. This is a FABULOUS — thank you!

  69. Appreciate the tips. When you export the graphics file for Twitter backgrounds, can any active text hyperlinks in the original Powerpoint file (overlaying the background image) be made to work in Twitter?

  70. Okay, hate to be the party crasher, but here goes! Bad idea! BAAAAD IDEA! As you mentioned above PowerPoint is NOT a design program. And just because you can go up to 800 K, doesn’t mean you should –hello, slow load time. Most of my images (backgrounds) are hi-res and under 100 K, all under 200 K. Result – quickness! And clarity because it’s done using Illustrator and Photoshop.

    Yes, I know it CAN work. There was a month when I was without my design software and I used PowerPoint (gasp) to design a resume. But it’s a huge time suck.

    This has gotten a lot of RTs and it’s hard to explain to non-graphics-oriented folk the drawbacks of this. They think Microsoft Word is a desktop publishing platform. Now PowerPoint is listed as a design tool.

    People should have options – I, like many others, offer free backgrounds. I’ve even got custom options listed for as little as $7, without my logo (many custom background makers STILL put their logo all over your stuff, crazy). If you tout yourself as a “marketing guru,” ante-up and actually make it LOOK believable. Be professional, use a professional. Even if your page is strictly for connecting with friends, the slow loading is worth reconsidering.

    I know your blog’s focus is the ‘closet entrepreneur.’ Money is tight, and sometimes DIY is the answer – but having a professional image is worth the small investment (and it is small).

    Okay, rant/rave over. Sorry for the drama!

  71. @Mark Bailey @Megan Walker @Nora A Burns, SPHR – You’re very welcome! :)

    @openworld – Unfortunately not, since everything eventually gets turned into an image—sorry about that. :(

    @Tweetplate – This is simply a tutorial for bootstrapping individuals who want to create their own Twitter background and don’t have access to Illustrator or Photoshop. ;)

  72. Adina

    Anyone getting an Twitter error that reads: “Something technically wrong!” Thanks for noticing…we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.” ??
    When I attempt to upload my newly created design, that error message appears. Wonder if anyone else has had this problem?

  73. I have just discovered that it is really possible to get custom backgrounds. I am now thinking of getting a custom one.

  74. @Adina – I’ve heard other Twitter users encounter the same error, which seems to resolve itself after a while. Have you tried uploading your new background again? Any success?

    @Bahir – Let us know when your new background is up! :)

  75. This background template and instructions seriously rocks! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  76. @Sheryl Victor – You’re welcome! :)

  77. @riinareivala

    Great tutorial!

    I had problems to fix the background to cover the whole twitterpage. Now there’s this back ground on the right without neither text or pic. How can I fix the size? Couldn’t figure it out. I want the background to be wider.
    It also makes the pic x 4 over the screen if i untic the tile box.

    Thankful for your help.


  78. @InsightsGal

    Fabulous tips, thanks! Gave the page a bit of a facelift (nothing too snazzy).

  79. @riinareivala – Your image may become distorted if you try to make it wider; unfortunately that’s the problem with starting from a small background image. Check your inbox, I just sent you an email.

    @InsightsGal – You’re welcome and great job on the background! Also, thanks for the Twitter add! :)

  80. Kristin

    Yeah, I’m having trouble like Anne. I’m not very Keynote savy, and I have the template opened, but I really have no idea how to add a background to the boxes.

  81. WOW, this was a great article and i liked the wood touches for the background as well. I just customized my twitter page after a few hours of boredom kicked in. The design is pretty hot though and compliments my brand identity for my company. Check it out at

    Ashton crushed CNN and Oprah is now tweeting!

    Social Media makes history!

  82. Ben

    I found your great work while looking for places to upload the free Twitter backgrounds I’ve made; love your works, good interesting article.
    Appreciated (:

  83. A follow-up I should have made earlier but haven’t had time, sorry:

    I solved the error which was caused by me (at the time) not knowing the easiest way to upload my background which is of course to choose a Twitter bg, save, then go to edit the bg, upload…it works 99% of the time. Thanks mate.

    @riinareivala :
    You bg needs to be 1600pixels wide by 1200 high, that way it will fill the screen on all monitors. The bg you made is not wide enough and putting an image/text on the right is a bad idea because twitter always sets itself in the center; because of the varying sizes of monitors, that might well mean that any image some1 puts on the right is either blown off the page or sucked under your Tweets.
    To obey Twitter display laws (lol), you’re best to not make the left side (where you put your text/images) no wider than 300px by 730 high.

    If you need help, follow me on Twitter:

    or visit my site for a free PSD Twitter background with guides and help text, free at

    (TOMAS, hope you dont mind me dropping those links here mate, thought they’d be of help).


  84. If twitter gives you a technical error when trying to upload your new background, it is most likely too large. Like the tutorial says, keep your background under 800kb and all should be well.

  85. @benxdesign

    Gotta say, Ben, I’m kinda surprised at the haphazard appearance of your Posh Tweeter profile background graphic. The lettering at the top gets totally clobbered by the Twitter logo. And about a third of the lefthand portion laps underneath the Twitter main box.

    Having seen your impressive portfolio, you clearly have the artistic & layout chops (I really liked the snowboards!) but it’s as though you chose not to follow your own design guidelines…

  86. Rob O

    Thanks for the heads-up mate and the nice comments.
    Ref the Posh Twitter background – that’s a background I am working on and was seeing if I could get away with a little more width…obviously not (oops!). As for the Twitter logo, that’s a bit strange because I never see the Twitter logo any more. (see

    I’m gonna fix it right now.

  87. drexelsiok

    I’ve done all the steps to creating my own background for my twitter page, but it never loads when I click save etc. File size is only 321 and i used your template etc to create it (thanks btw). Just looking for a little help i guess. I’m new to the whole web design world etc. Thanks

  88. ok, I did this and I am not a top designer, but it was a good start (I think!). Of course, in the future I’m gonna play around with this a lot more…Thanks for the tutorial!


  89. Ben

    For those who are having problems getting their new image up on Twitter :

    How to change your background on ‘Twitter’
    1.Go to your Twitter account and choose ‘Settings’.

    2.Choose one of Twitter’s little backgrounds and Save.

    3.Now upload your background image.

    4.Click ‘Save Changes’.

    5.Click ‘Home’.

    Changing design colors/Suggested Design Colors
    Besides changing the background image of your Twitter account you can also match your image with colors (Settings – Change design colors). See the ‘design-colors’ capture for the design colors suggested for this file.

    WARNING: Never use a white (#ffffff) or almost-white font as it will ‘hide’ your Tweets – it may look pretty on your sidebar but Twitter will inherit it as the navigation and Tweet colors.

    Tips on Twitter Background design.

    The best size is 1600 wide x 1200 high (pixels).
    This will ensure that all size monitors will see a full background, however, to ensure all monitors can see your text on the left you should only make the left portion 250pixels wide x 730 high.

    Optimise your image – most images can get down to 100kb; any more and people will get bored waiting for your image to show.

    Free Fonts.

    We all love pretty fonts but sometimes (like ‘J’) we find a bum font that is corrupt.
    In that case go to Google and type
    ‘free fonts nameoffont’

    Here’s a couple good sites that do free fonts:


  90. Hi Tomas.
    This is a nice way to generate twitter backgrounds.

  91. This is great, but I have a question. It seems like you have much more room all around the Twitter screen than I do. I could never fit a photo of a person on my margin — check my Twitter page and see.

    Is this a screen size issue? A screen resolution issue? Or am I missing something?

  92. One of the best tutorials I’ve ever used. In 10 minutes I was able to create in PowerPoint what would have taken me forever in PS. Check me out Thank you for this diligent work I’ve tweeted about it.

  93. Ben


    Clicking on your link leads to a dead page, however, your issue seems to be the size of your left–hand image – it needs to be no more than:
    250px wide x 730px high. That way it will show on all monitors.

    If you have Photoshop, visit my website for a free Twitter background PSD which is sized and includes tips.

  94. @Kristin – The boxes are simply there to give you an estimate of where all the Twitter features lie, so you want to design your background so that the more important things aren’t covered by the boxes—in other words, try not to put anything in the boxes or they might be covered up. To insert photos in Keynote, go to Insert > Choose. You can also check out all their tutorials for a brief primer on getting started with Keynote.

    @Elucid Marketing, @Kriti, @Edward Cates – Nice work on your new Twitter backgrounds; it’s great to see everyone making use of the advice! ;)

    @Ben, @Twitter Backgrounds – Thank you! :)

    @drexelsiok – It looks like you were able to upload your background, but if anyone else is having issues uploading their image and it is under the 800kb limit, then see BenxDesign’s advice in the comment above. Also, several people have reported issues when uploading their Twitter background on the Twitter forums; it looks like they issued a fix on April 22nd, 2009 are still working to resolve the issue.

    @Ginsburg – The link to your Twitter background wasn’t working due to a misspelling, but I’ve corrected it so it should be working correctly now. Also, the size around your Twitter content area will depend on your monitor’s screen size and resolution. I took the screen capture in the first image on my 17″ Samsung running at 1280 by 1024. Also as Ben mentioned, any images that reside on the left side of the background shouldn’t be too large or else they risk being covered by the Twitter content area.

  95. Thanks for the great tutorial I have been creating my twitter background using powerpoint it is really easy. I like your template layout. I have been helping other people make their templates more professional using powerpoint 2007. You can check out my latest design at
    You can also create a brand by using the same twitter background on your Youtube channel as a background to create consistency.
    Great tutorial thanks.
    Cheers Pam
    Powerpoint Marketing Queen

  96. Hey — Absolutely fabulous! I’d been losing it for about two hours trying to put something together in Photoshop. Who knew Powerpoint could do everything I needed. Thanks … You rock!


  97. Kirk

    Thanks for sharing…pretty easy and nicely written


  98. Great solution! Everyone can do this! Thank you.

  99. Hey Tomas!! Just wanted to send a quick thanks for this! I used your template for my new Twitter background ( and I have to say I absolutely love it. This template was super easy with the hardest thing being coming up with ideas. LOL So again thanks and keep up the good work!


  100. (I am also known as ‘Ben’)

    @Tomas – thanks for your comments mate, Im always happy to help (:

  101. It really gave me inspiration to create my own custom Twitter layout…

    Thanks for sharing that…

  102. Thanks for the tute on making a custom tweet background.

  103. @Pam Brossman, @Christi, @Ben, @Kirk, @roofcontractor – twitter, @BLESS, @Ale Valente, @Florida Web Design – Thank you for all the great comments, you’re awesome! ;)

  104. LaPetitePeste

    Just thought I’d post a little tip to this great site…

    I tried to follow step 1 to convert the ppt slide to a JPEG and even though it worked a treat – and the resultant file was within the size limits for Twitter – it wouldn’t upload :(

    But…I cheated! Once I had completed my background, I Selected All on the slide, copied and then pasted to Paint, making sure to resize before saving.

    Et voilà ! Check out my profile if you like Twitter – LaPetitePeste x

  105. GREAT way of creating twitter background even a non-artist like me could do…

    I just did mine :-)

    Appreciate your comments

    @alevalente your twitter background is C-0-0-L!

  106. Free Twitter Backgrounds!

    Thanks to Tomas who has always supported my posts here; hopefully you wont mind if I mention that I give away free Twitter backgrounds at:

    PS: @alevalente – unbelievable design for a guy who didnt use Photoshop! Well done mate.

  107. Ann

    Great instructions.
    I’m still playing around with background images but what an easy start. Thanks so much!

  108. Each time I try to upload a jpeg image for my background, I get an error message that reads “There was a problem with your picture. Was it an animated gif? We don’t support those.” I’m attempting to upload a jpeg that is only 133k in size. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

  109. Just amazing! Great folks! Cheers

  110. I have updated my twitter @dianekolar. hope you like it!

  111. I would like to have you create me a twitter background. I’m new at this twitter thing but want to start off right. Let me know what your fees are.



  112. Thank you for your help-I built my Twitter background in no time!!
    Peace and Respect

  113. Never knew you could create backgrounds in power point. I always thought photoshop was the “only” way. Great post, will use it to help people learn how to make twitter backgrounds.

  114. Corey

    I’ve resized it as 1920×1200 (and again as Benx mentioned 1600×1200), and image size is about 680k. But it still only shows a very close up view and is pixelated. It must be a sizing issue, any advice on that?

  115. Wow. I never thought about anything like this. You are a great help. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  116. I loved your instructions – crystal clear – but like most things on Twitter, the best instructions never seem to work for me. AAARRRGGGHH! Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? When I go to upload my jpg, Twitter blows it up so its huge and distorted. I’ve tried saving it as 1920×1200 or as 1600×1200 since I’ve seen both listed here and for some reason both get blown up to approx the same huge distorted size. Please help so I dont spend entire weekend trying to figure this out! Tks very much!!!

  117. Thanks a million! I’ll probably do more later, but the bed’s calling me! You’re a jewel! …@WriterinChief

  118. Corey

    If you Follow me on Twitter @benxdesign then Tweet to me that you saw me at this site and send the url of your Twitter background that your having problems with then I’ll be more than happy to advise you.

  119. Michelle

    “There was a problem with your picture. Was it an animated gif? We don’t support those.”
    Twitter does this when it’s struggling (usually at the most busy times). Try again, then once more (even more if you’re patient), or leave it for an hour – it will work.

    Here’s some Help for everyone whose having probz with uploading Twitter backgrounds:

    How To Change Your Background On ‘Twitter’
    1.Go to your Twitter account and choose ‘Settings – Design – Change background image’.

    2.Now upload your background image.

    3.Click ‘Save Changes’.

    4.Click ‘Home’.

    Sometimes Twitter gives unusual errors including ‘Was it an animated gif'; if this happens, go back to Step1.

    Sometimes your image seems to just not want to upload; hold ‘CTRL’ and push ‘F5′ to see an un-cached version of your page. If your new background does not appear then go back to Step1. It is advisable to leave it for a few hours – this error seems to happen most at busy times.

    Changing Your Design Colors
    Besides changing the background image of your Twitter account you can also match your image with colors (Settings – Design – Change design colors).

    Never use a white (#ffffff) or almost-white font as it will ‘hide’ your Tweets – it may look pretty on your sidebar but Twitter will inherit it as the navigation and Tweet colors.

    –Hope this helps.


  120. @LaPetitePeste – Nice tip, thanks for sharing! I’m Hoping other Windows users can make use of the tip! ;)

    @Roger Loh, @Diane Kolar, @Aimee – Great job on your Twitter backgrounds!

    @KitchAnn_Style, @Horacio LM, @twitter backgrounds, @jeelchristine, &Chief Crystal – Thank you and you’re very welcome! :)

    @michelle – It appears that several other Twitter users are having a similar issue, so you may not be doing anything wrong. You might want to check out this Twitter support page for more info:

    @Stefanie – Be sure that you pay close attention to the boxes that designate where the Twitter content areas are. If you place any images or text on the left side of the background that are too large, then they will get covered up by the content area. Also, placing images or text near the bottom or extreme right side of the background may result in them being too far out to be seen on anything but an uber-large monitor. Leave another comment if you’re still having trouble! :)

  121. Great way to make twitter backgrounds just using powerpoint very helpful and very creative of you to share this wonderful idea

  122. thank you very cool tip

  123. Little J

    You can now add that the Powerpoint template has been tested/used in OpenOffice ;). Thanks for such a wonderful template!

  124. CrimsonAurora

    This worked perfectly for awhile, but now things have shifted on Twitter’s end and my image has been covered.
    What do I do?

  125. @Brian Baulch, @Tips-Tricks – Thanks for the kudos and you’re very welcome!

    @Little J – Thanks for the info, you rock! ;)

    @CrimsonAurora – Can send the link to your Twitter profile so we can take a peek at what’s going on? Thanks! :)

  126. thing

    Check this out:

  127. CrimsonAurora


    Thanks, Tomas. I really appreciate your help :)

  128. Great post!

    I created my Twitter background using Photoshop without the benefit of your post or any templates at the time. So I had to try a couple of times until I got the size and positioning right. I figured there were guidelines on the ineternet somewhere, but I just forged ahead and did it from scratch anyway (a guy thing I guess).

    Not everyone has the capability of using Photoshop, (nor is it necessarily the best way), so your post is very helpful for the general public. Thanks for posting.

  129. Thanks for the help!

  130. Lewis

    This was so easy and simple to follow, my page looks awsome :) thanks for the help!

  131. Thank you Tomas for providing this information on making your own Twitter page. I surely didn’t know what I was doing, but actually made a Twitter page for my Mother and it actually turned out well! Thank you very much for posting this how-to information. Best regards to you!

  132. Thank you for this article. I’m going to follow the instructions.

  133. I used to work with Ben Xander before he quit so forgive me if you’ve seen this before but I thought it might be helpful to you guys:

    How To Change Your Background On ‘Twitter’
    1. Go to your Twitter account and choose ‘Settings – Design – Change background image’.

    2. Choose one of Twitter’s little backgrounds and Save.

    3. Now upload your background image.

    4. Click ‘Save Changes’.

    5. Click ‘Home’.

    Sometimes Twitter gives unusual errors including ‘Was it an animated gif'; if this happens, go back to Step1.

    Sometimes your image seems to just not want to upload; hold ‘CTRL’ and push ‘F5′ to see an un-cached version of your page. If your new background does not appear then go back to Step1. It is advisable to leave it for a few hours – this error seems to happen most at busy times.

    How To Change Your ‘Twitter’ Design Colours
    Besides changing the background image of your Twitter account you can also match your image with colours (Settings – Design – Change design colours). See the ‘design-colours’ box on your right for the design colours suggested for this file.

    Never use a white (#ffffff) or almost-white font as it will ‘hide’ your Tweets – it may look pretty on your sidebar but Twitter will inherit it as the navigation and Tweet colours.

  134. @thing – Funny! ;)

    @CrimsonAurora, @MileHighTechGuy, @Marketing Meerkat, @Lewis, @Robin, @ffoucaud – Thank you for the positive comments and you are very welcome! :)

  135. HI I love this idea but having trouble w keynote 09.

    I want the twitter template in the center.. but when I place it in the custom background (wo graphics yet) and try to move it to the center it will not allow me…

    any suggestions.. thank you

  136. I created one for my girlfriend last night. I notice that if you are using your own background image and if you unchecked the “tile” option, the image will not repeat . You will need to do some editing with your image so that if the image tile (repeat) , it wouldn’t be ugly than try this…. make sure your image width is 1680 pixel. So at least if you are using 22″ monitor, you still get it blend beautifully.

    Here is the link..

  137. This is great! I just gave you a shout out via twitter too. Thanks for the help!! Keep up the great work! Mitch

  138. Great post – now the work begins!

  139. @Julie – Sorry to hear about your troubles; would you happen to have a file I could download to see what you’re trying to do?

    @Mike Tok – Thanks for sharing that tip. ;)

    @Mitch – Thanks for the shout out, it’s greatly appreciated!

    @Stuart Noton – Be sure to share your background once it’s done. ;)

  140. Good to see this thread still alive and everybody kindly helping others.
    I don’t use PPT for design but I like the idea of people using it for creative works; it must be tricky.

    I offer professional Twitter background design service at my website. Mention ‘theclosetentrepeneur’ for a good discount.

  141. Hey thanks for this lesson about using twitter backgrounds :-)

  142. Nice post, thanks for this. Can’t get background sizes right at the mo, but I’ll keep trying.

  143. Excellent post Ive just updated background a few days ago with Twitbacks then I noticed vickylyn had retweeted this post. Look forward to following your steps. Thank you kindly.

  144. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  145. Can you make me one Taemin twitter blogskin?
    Taemin from SHINee. (korean band)

  146. I thought that it was difficult, but explained very good, it’s look easy. Thanks so much!!

  147. This is a great information. I need to start using these soon :)

  148. Excellent resource! Thanks Closet Entrepreneur…

  149. Tomas,

    This is great stuff. Timely and needed for our business. Take care!


  150. Wow thanks for this, I’ve just finished uploading our new background for twitter. Let me know what you think –

  151. Interesting. Shall try that.
    Thanks for the tips. ;D

  152. sheep

    Oh wow thanks a bunch that was very helpful! =D

  153. @Robby, @edwin joseph, @ROBBWINDOW, @Web Design Resources, @diseno web, @Trikapalanet,, @John, @Nikita Hengbok, @sheep – Thank you, you’re welcome and glad you enjoyed the tip! :)

    @Fatman Slimming – Let me know what kind of issues you’re having with the background sizing and I’ll see if I can help.

    @jingmin – Unfortunately I don’t have the bandwidth to create one for you at the moment, but I’m hoping the tutorial can guide you through the process. ;)

    @Stuart – The background looks great!

  154. Bob

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the location of the twitter background image to “center” instead of the default “top left”. Right now, every screen size shows the body in a different position relative to the background. Unless someone knows how to fix that issue????

  155. Thank you very very much. I did have to spend a little more time adjusting things but I am very pleased with how my Twitter page turned out. Please let me know what you think.

  156. Stanton Jones

    Worked like a charm, thank you.

    Due credit given:


  157. Willis

    What a great tutorial. I’ve been wanting to create my own twitter bkgrnd for some time and just got around to looking it up online. Thanks for your work!

    However, I’m still working with iWork ’06. I can’t open the template. Can I have the sizes and coordinates of the boxes in your template?

  158. Robby here again.
    Ok, I have made a free Twitter Background Designer’s template for Photoshop. It’s sized correctly to make your background look good on 99% of all monitor resolutions and includes help text so you know what to do .
    You can download it from my website (link above) for free (it’s in the ‘Templates’ section) from tomorrow.

    Hope this helps.

  159. Great background, thanks you :)

  160. I’m not sure if there’s an easier way, haven’t seen any websites that offer such tools but I haven’t been looking either.
    But I would imagine if you used a program like Photoshop to compile a side bar and pictures and uploaded it as a background it would do the trick?
    Free backgrounds

  161. Nick

    Awesome tutorial Tomas. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I just built my customized background in less than 30 minutes. Here it is:

  162. Abi

    You are a genius. Thank you so much.

  163. Thank you for the easy to use template and instructions.

  164. Sonia

    The step-by-step guide and the resources to creating twitter backgrounds is very helpful. Thanks a lot for share this information!

  165. Ivo

    I think it is fantastic Blog, and you do a great job to help people. You provide a tool with the step-by-step guide, which is fantastic. Good luck in all what you do!

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    twitter account: crystalbracelet

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    I followed these links and found, that you don’t actually have to pay to get cool Twitter backgrounds. I found many web pages, which also offer cool and Cipro zithromax no prescription interesting design for Twitter and you can get them for free.
    I hope that this will help you and the readers of this blog. Thank you again and I encourage you to write even more articles like this. They inspire a lot!

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  168. dluhv

    Will this templete work for microsoft power point 2007?

  169. Great Idea.. Thanks for teaching us how to do this change.


  170. I love your suggestions. However, where do you get the PowerPoint template for Twitter backgrounds to download?

    I have yet to find where you download that.

  171. Great article Tomas. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of creating a Twitter background in powerpoint. Well done. I have put together a helpful template for creating one in Photoshop, let me know your thoughts when you get a chance.

  172. Yeah! I also plan to do some work on Twitter for my online bookstore promotion. ^_^

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  174. Awesome man…this is a great way!!

  175. Thanks for this post, it helped me alot , saved me a ton of time.

  176. Thanks for the templates!
    They look really good! I love changing my background around alot!

    Check out my Twitter if you like and let me know if you like it!
    I’ll also follow you back if you follow me!

  177. Great article and thanks so much for the PowerPoint template. I have sized my background to fit just like a “glove” on my laptop screen and looks amazing, but I have been told that the right side cuts off on a regular (larger) monitor. I knew this could be a problem, but is there ANYthing that can be done to format so it “fits” for everyone who view my page? (

    Any guidance is so appreciated. I love my new background so much! I spent 7 hours in Photoshop and gave up. PowerPoint is so much easier.

  178. Tomas,

    Thanks for this. I was wondering if you have found a solution for Facebook Pages as well?

    Thanks again for sharing.


  179. Bren @ Twitter Designs

    hey, this post is very useful! you can check mine too if you have time! ;)

  180. Hello All’

    I just wanted to say thank you for the great idea’s and having a wonderful site. Keep up the GREAT work and I wish everyone success in their online and daily lives. Your twitter backgrounds are awesome.
    Take Care!!!

  181. Great post! Really made it easy to change my Twitter Background.


  182. Carla

    how do u download the template? I’m having a bit of trouble…

  183. Cdero

    Thanks but I followed you unto step two. how do I put the background on the template?

  184. Thanks for sharing this great info. I had been trying to create a custom background on Twitter but couldn’t figure out how to add copy. Now, my page is much better, especially considering I am not a graphics person. Great, easy-to-follow directions.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Good luck on your ventures.

  185. I have not used PowerPoint to create a background but I have been using it to save buttons, icons, graphics, diagrams, charts, etc. that I create in Excel or Word as a .jpg (Word and Excel don’t let you save as a .jpg). Thanks for the link to the increasing the resolution of pictures saved in PowerPoint as been a problem when I have used remotely small text.

    Excel and Word let you add 3-D, shadow, reflections, etc. to shapes and the SmartArt and WordArt options are pretty handy too. When you are done, just copy and paste your image into PowerPoint and then save as a .jpg.

    Maybe Tomas or I should do a post on using Word and Excel with PowerPoint?

  186. Great tutorial and advice just as we put our twitter page together – glad to have found this post.

    We’ve also given a mini write-up about our own experiences here:

    Thanks again!

    – Michael

  187. Thanks for the help. I’m putting this info to good use on a project I’m working on.

  188. Dan

    More free Twitter backgrounds here 100% free

  189. Hey , can you help me out with my twitter background ? But do you charge ?

  190. I used this concept for my Twitter profile. It works great.
    Alan, the $100K Small Business Coach

  191. Melih

    It’s great…It helped me a lot, thanks…

  192. Thanks so much for your template help! I’ve been stumped for months on how to create a custom twitter page. It’s great that you also use a MAC which makes this process a lot easier to learn.

  193. i couldn’t possibly get one of you talented folks to design my twitter background could i?

  194. Beto

    This is by far the best tutorial I found for create Twitter Backgrounds. Congratulations folks.

    Here is a nice site I also checked for backgrounds (despite it’s for powerpoint)

  195. Elka

    Thank you for the template Tomas! That really was a great help :)

  196. These are very nice! Very inspirational for This Information,thanks for putting this together.

  197. Great article and excellently researched too! Thanks for the share.

  198. Hi Tomas – Thanks for this post.
    I had a lot of fun making a new Twitter skin using your template. The measurements have always confounded me.

  199. Powerpoint is a solution to almost everything regarding to designs. One can make any templates of their choice, colors and designs. I have made few twitter templates using powerpoint and the output is really good.

  200. Great Article… Looking forward to future blogs and articles like this. Its been awhile since Ive been back and glad I did.

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  201. thx for the info

  202. It is a minefield of designs for twitter and so important for your business. Thanks for the information on this site, it is helpful and gives you ideas.

    For me it would be easier to have one designed, maybe we could have something like 99designs for Twitter backgrounds!! now that could be helpful.

    Good job though and thanks a million.

  203. Thanks for sharing such a good solution! I will give it a try!

  204. Hi thank you so much for this information!
    i was wondering if you know how to make backgrounds for the new version of twitter? thank you once again.

  205. I love the PPT template for twitter and have shared it with many. Do you have a new template available for twitter to reflect the “new twitter”? Much appreciated!

  206. I found this website very helpful.It is sounds very easy to do for everything you need to know and do. :)

  207. Thank you for this helpful template, it took me 20 times resizing the template until it looked right. So i found out the right spot to enter data for powerpoint 2007, i left it blank and saved it as a template so i wont have to resize it anymore. I can send you the fixed template to post on your website to help out. please feel free to check out my twitter.

  208. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. A nice twitter background is a must :)

  209. Very cool background! Thanks! Downloading…


  210. This is simply Awesome and simple..:)

  211. Hi,
    Thanks immensely for taking the time to put together this guide. It’s quite an ingenious idea. It’s a shame about the size limit imposed by Twitter.

  212. Hey Tomas,

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been meaning to change my personal twitter background for a while and stumbled on your page and goodness me, what a stumble it was! ;)


  213. I was just thinking on updating my Twitter background and I found this post. Thanks for this great info !

  214. Thanks for the awesome tip using PowerPoint to create a Twitter background. It was so easy for a novice like me! :) I am very happy to have stumbled upon this useful information. Keep it up!

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  216. Steve

    Thanks Tomas for backgrounds! Also some cool backgrounds for PowerPoint you can find on this page:

  1. Twitter Background Image - Oct 17th, 2008
  2. Scottvegas - Jan 12th, 2009

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