2010 Work Week Calendar

*UPDATE: The calendar has been updated for 2011 and is available for download here: 2011 Work Week Calendar.

Back by Popular Demand: Free 2010 Work Week Calendar

This work week calender is based on the badge-sized calendars that my previous employer hands out every year.

Please note that this calendar is not ISO 8601 compliant; regardless, you’re more than welcome to modify and change the calendar as you see fit.

I have also included a candy bar style calendar based on David Seah’s Compact Calendar.

As always this calendar is completely free to download, modify, and use.

2010 Work Week Calendar Download

For 2010, I have provided an Excel version, an iWork Numbers version, and a PDF version. These calendars have been tested on Excel 2007 and iWork ’09, and should be backward compatible with earlier versions of these programs.

*Please be sure to contact me with any mistakes or issues I may need to correct.

Reader’s Shared Calendars

Previous work week calendars have been translated to other languages and country specific work weeks, so feel free to send me your updated calendar and I will be more than happy to add it to this post.

The Closet Entrepreneur

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  1. Nice calendar. I’m happy to report that the Excel file opens and is formated just fine under OpenOffice.org 3.0 on Linux. So, your “Free Software” calendar works great on Free Software!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for updating this clean calendar.

  3. Fantastic, used the 2009 calendar and it definitely puts targets, goals and timescales into a very easy to view perspective. Think i’m going to have to give this a special mention in my blog shortly 🙂

  4. Lynn

    Your work week is wrong.

    I have checked about 20 calendars (local and internaltional) + checked with shipping lines as they are international and all work on the same weeks.

    We are now in week 9 – NOT week 10.

  5. @Lynn – as I mentioned in the blog post, this calendar is not ISO 8601 compliant so you’re correct. Feel free to modify the calendar as needed.

  6. Lau

    Hi Tomas,

    I wondering in your opinion which more suitable for office use,
    Mar 6th today as WW10 of 2010 or WW09?

  7. Casey

    The Gnome Deskbar Calendar says yours is off by 1 week. Are you going to fix it?

  8. Casey

    Also, here is the actual specification:


    “If 1 January is on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, it is in week 01. If 1 January is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it is in week 52 or 53 of the previous year (there is no week 00). 28 December is always in the last week of its year.”

    Jan 1, 2010 was a FRIDAY, so it is WW53.

  9. Hi Tomas,

    thanks for the calendar… I just adjusted the excel version by 1 week.
    its very easy to edit… are you out of job now?
    will be glad to discuss with you any ideas for making my own business.


    qa engr jpan

  10. Noticed there is a discrepancy in May between Tomas’ WW calendar and David Seah’s “Candy Bar Style”: Tomas has 4 weeks, while Seah’s version has 5 weeks.

    Not posting to be critical, just an FYI to other users!

  11. jc

    Hi Tomas,

    Appreciate your work week calendar. : )

    – from jc, S-Korea

  12. HK


  13. Thank you so much.. for your calendar. let us know if you are publishing one in 2011. Much appreciated from Ireland 🙂

  14. Hello, will you be posting a 2011 work week calendar soon?


  15. ralph

    thx for this calendar, will you post the 2011 calendar soon?

  16. Lani


    I’m hoping you have a 2011 calendar. Do you??!

  17. prabhakar

    Dear Sir/madam

    I downloaded the week calendar pdf file from your side.

    Please note make of it that 2010 week calendar is wrong prined.There are 52 weeks and you count as 53 weeks. Compare with standard one it will be one week more.

    take care of corrections

  18. Lisa

    Happy Holidays…as the new year of 2011 is approaching…Please please please post the 2011 work week calendar 🙂 Thanks!!

  19. Tom Testaverde


    I used your 2010 Work Week Calendar all 2010, now I am eagerly waiting for the 2011!


  20. alice leblanc

    Please send me a 2011 workweek calender. Thanks.

  21. Looks like this blog is dead…anyone going to provide an update?

  22. Patcharawalai

    Where can I see your 2011 work week calendar ?

  23. I used the 2009 and 2010 calendar from this website…since the blog appears to be dead I just went to http://www.timeanddate.com and created one using their wizard. Here’s the one I created: http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/print.html?year=2011&country=1&hol=0&hod=1&cdt=3&holm=1&df=1

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