Work Week 14 Weekend Links

Lots to share this week so let’s get started!

  • First and foremost, here’s the news you have all been anxiously waiting for! The winner of the first official Closet Entrepreneur giveaway is none other than Superman himself – Chris Tingom! Chris takes home a $30 gift card to Best Buy courtesy of the Closet Entrepreneur. Now Chris, be sure to spend it all in one place. Our second place Staples Easy Button prize goes to Arwa Jamil. Now, due to the fact that Arwa already has an Easy Button, she asked that I give the prize to our third place winner Matt Jones. Matt, I hope you enjoy the Easy Button! And for all the participants, thank you so much for being part of the first official Closet Entrepreneur giveaway!
  • The April issue of Newsweek has an entire article dedicated to Web 2.0 and features Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, and other successful sites that are enabling user built communities. Check out pages 46 and 56 the next time you’re checking out the magazine rack. As a side note, page 42 features an article on Global Warming and has a picture of Glacier Perito Moreno front and center; brings back memories of my trip to Argentina.
  • My friend Atin is in the process of listing a friend’s house for sale in Gilbert. I must say, he’s the first Realtor I know of who has used Sketchup to show the floor layout (FYI, it’s a 6Mb file so be patient).
  • I’ve updated my Big Daddy Crane post with some additional facts about the Mammoet crane that was used for Intel’s new 300mm Fab.
  • Myzoox is offering a $500 Apple gift card to one randomly selected member who has a qualifying service listed on their site, check out the details on their site & don’t forget to check out their interview here on the Closet Entrepreneur.

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  1. Thanks for the competition Tomas and thank you Arwa for the Easy Button! I’ve never won anything from a blog before. 😉 Thanks again!!

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Thanks Closet Entrepreneur!! Is it my lucky day or what!!?

    I know for sure that you’re waiting to hear what my acceptance speech will be like. So without further ado I’ll do my best to make it memorable.

    My Acceptance Speech: I’d like to thank the Acadamy and all of the people who bake corn flakes for a living. I’d like to Thank The Closet Entrepreneur for a fabulous web site and this prize. I’d like to thank all of the people who commute to work every day and drive the speed limit. Lastly, a special thanks goes out to all of the people that remember to include keyboard shortcuts in their applications. Yay!

    Seriously, thanks a bunch!

  3. TOMAS

    Matt, Chris – Congratulations! I’ll email you guys shortly!

  4. man, I am the unluckiest person I know. I enter a contest with 6 other people and half the names get drawn and I can’t even be in the first half of that…

    well, I’m off to buy my lotto ticket for the week 🙂

  5. TOMAS

    Mark – I suggest asking Chris or Matt to buy your lottery ticket for you. Just kidding; hey at least you have one of the sweetest looking online MP3 players out there! 😉

  6. “hey at least you have one of the sweetest looking online MP3 players out there!”

    Thanks Tomas, too bad only 4 people on the planet know about it and 2 of them are you and I. I’m really not much of a promoter… You’re the ‘Closet Entrepreneur’ – you got any ideas on how to let the iWorld know it exist?

  7. Try It’s currently killing my server.

  8. TOMAS

    Chris – Wow, you should’ve named your digg article “10 Great Photoshop Tips to bring your site down.” 😉

    Mark – I actually “dugg” your webPod on not too long ago. The interesting thing about digg is that it is hit and miss sometimes. There have been times that submitted links receive a lot of attention because they are really useful and unique, or sometimes something silly like a repeat submission or misspelled word gets you a bunch of notoriety. So, here are my suggestions to help promote your webPod (BTW, Brainfuel was a great start, did you receive any traffic from Chris’s post?):

    First, If you haven’t done so already, put a new post on your blog asking users to “digg” your webPod by going to:
    You could also email a few friends or acquaintences to do the same.

    Second, I have yet to use the player (will be doing so shortly), but look for ways to make the player work like a plugin for WordPress. The WordPress community will give you all the exposure you need, especially if you advertise it as a WordPress plugin at

    Last but not least, I was thinking you could create a webPod “nano” that will fit nicely into any blog sidebar.

    Give me a few days to try it out and I can give more suggestions, it will only be a matter of time until your webPod gets on the map!

  9. Yeah, seriously. I’m working on getting it back up. Database server was shot and then strangled.

  10. Tomas,

    Yeah, Brainfuel did help bring some traffic; more even than the digg did.

    I actaully was going to make a smaller (nano) version too; when I get some time. I just finished building my new computer so that’s what I did last week. But, I also started playing Oblivion and that’s going to take some time 🙂

    The WordPress plugin idea is a great one and I think that is definitely the way to go. But, my .NET skills are much better than my PHP skills — so I don’t what all that will entail.


  11. TOMAS

    Mark – The nano idea sounds cool, I can’t wait to see it! As far as PHP goes, I’m pretty sure you can use all the WordPress resources on their site regarding methods of making something WordPress friendly. Keep us updated with your progress!

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