Why I Like Phoenix

I’m actually an Arizona native (from what I hear, that’s rare?) and a small town guy; my graduating class was only 98 students and that included a few kids that were held back a year. I moved up to Tempe in 1994, departed for Tucson in 1995, then returned back to the Valley of the Sunstroke in 1997 and have lived here ever since. I started working full time in 2001, but other than that I haven’t really had a reason to stay in Arizona. Yet since I’ve lived here, I’ve noticed some things that have made me really like the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

First and foremost, it’s a relatively new city. I love San Jose, yet I have to admit that the freeways are in need of some TLC, and some of the areas are outdated. Now, that’s not to say that the Phoenix Metro area doesn’t have its fair share of older areas, but I take for granted that I get to travel on some of the nicest and cleanest freeways I’ve seen in quite sometime. And I take for granted that the housing developments all around me are only 8 to 10 years old, with 4 year old developments just a few miles south and east of where I live.

Second, Phoenix is still growing and trying to find its culture – which means that every individual has an opportunity to make something new happen, and everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the ever changing culture and economy in some way or another. We’re not the most diverse city, but we’re slowly getting there. On any given day, I can drive a few miles and enjoy everything from Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Middle Eastern, French, Hawaiian, Philippino, Korean, Persian, and even Bosnian cuisine. And there are numerous clubs and organizations like Creative Connect and Refresh Phoenix who are doing their part to help change the landscape of Phoenix’s creative and technical culture. Plus, the influx of people and growth of the city makes it prime for new business ventures.

And last but not least, there’s the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Phoenix Coyotes to watch and cheer for.

Sure you have triple digit summers (but it’s a dry heat), yet for a few months of toasty days and nights you’re rewarded with 6~8 months of pure heaven. Chances are that I might not live here all my life, yet I’ve definitely grown to like and enjoy Phoenix and all it has to offer. It has all the conveniences of a big city without the claustrophobic and overcrowded feel of a big city. So tonight as I wrap up the day, I will take a moment to say “thank you” Phoenix for everything you have to offer, and thank you Phoenix Suns for a great win.

The Closet Entrepreneur

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  1. I liked this post. It’s all positive and enthusiastic. High five!

    So I just posted my first ever interview on Arizona Coffee. It’s way too long and probably terribly edited but I had a lot of fun doing it. My next interview will be much shorter!!

    People say that downtown Phoenix has no life after 5 pm or on weekends. I think that’s partially true however look at uptown Phoenix by Indian School. That’s pretty vibrant. Then there’s so many other areas like Metrocenter, Kierland, and even Biltmore area. Just wanted to point that out.

    My favorite thing about Phoenix is it’s easy to get around and it’s small despite its size. Business connections are amazing and everybody knows everybody. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes it isn’t. Heh 😉

  2. I’ve been to Phoenix a couple of times – nice place, but man does it get hot!

    When I was in college we played a soccer game there – had to play at 9 o’clock at night as it was too hot during the day; and it was still like 98 degrees.

    I like the Suns too, they’re a fun team to watch and Stevie Nash is da man.

    Hey, it looks like your football team just got a lot better this year too…
    Course, not better than my Broncos 😉

  3. TOMAS

    Chris – I just read the Arizona Coffee write-up, great job! I can’t believe you had 20 questions for Linda, it must have been a heck of a conversation to type up. We should invest in some voice-to-text or shorthand software – interviews are fun but oh so time consuming. I should also mention that Tempe is usually buzzing throughout the week. And Coffee Rush in Chandler is also a happening place in the evenings, but it’s not quite representative of Chandler as a whole.

    Mark – Let’s see where the football team goes this year. I was so excited when Plummer came to the Cardinals, he and David Boston were the only reasons I would watch the Cardinals. They have a knack for being mediocre at best, but you never know with the new recruits. I’m hoping my beloved ASU Sun Devils can make some waves in the Pac-10 this year. 🙂 And I know exactly what you’re talking about – most September nights in Phoenix are in the high 90’s – it’s a good excuse to go swimming.

  4. Yeah, it really does get hot here in the summer. I guess I tend to ignore it now and just look forward to wintertime.

  5. TOMAS

    Seriously! The funny thing about Phoenix is that there are no seasons, it’s either hot or cold – no in betweens. 🙂

  6. Don’t forget the one day when it snows for about half an hour every 10 years or so.

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