Things One Should Know

I thought that I would take a break from the business blogging (or attempts at blogging about business) for now and share a little something called Things One Should Know. After several conversations and help from friends and colleagues, I came up with the following list of things that one should know:

  • One should know CPR
  • One should know how to drive a manual transmission (a.k.a stick)
  • One should know how to change a tire
  • One should know how to tie a tie
  • One should know how to determine north

Other items that received recognition but didn’t quite make the list were:

  • One should know how to throw a spiral (with a football)
  • One should know how to catch a baseball

Anything else I might have missed, or maybe should/shouldn’t have made the list?

The Closet Entrepreneur

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  1. Check
    Uh, no check (I have no car to learn on!!)

    My mother always said I should be able to tie my shoes with my eyes closed. Still working on that one (just kidding).

    I like this list, I’d say something really important is how to shake a hand. The dead fish just doesn’t cut it.

  2. TOMAS

    I could definitely see shaking a hand being something people should know. And strangely enough, I was never conscious of it until I received a firm (non bone crushing) handshake and came away with a positive impression. Of course, the man/woman makes the handshake, the handshake does not make the man/woman.

    As for knowing how to drive a manual transmission, I have a manual transmission yet learning to drive stick will definitely come in handy if a friend (with a manual transmission) were in need of me to drive his car. Strangely, my friend with the BMW 540i + Dinan Stage 1 kit has never needed me to drive his car… I’m still waiting for his moment of need.

  3. I’m good on all of the above…

    On a different note, I can’t believe how good your Sun’s were without Amari Stoudamire! Sun’s should be even better next year and my Nuggets will stink…

  4. TOMAS

    Mark – I really hope they can come back just as strong next year with Amare in the line-up. It was an amazing run this year; I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in 2007.

    Which reminds me, it’s time to switch to College Football mode (while accommodating the World Cup).

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