The First Official Giveaway!

I’ve noticed that the Closet Entrepreneur has been getting a steady stream of visitors as of late, so I became curious as to who was visiting the blog and how people were finding the site. I understand that there are numerous programs that can tell me all this, yet numbers and graphs are boring. Instead, I thought it would be nice to hear from the actual visitors themselves.

So, the Closet Entrepreneur’s first official giveaway is being done for one simple reason; reward closet blog readers for their patronage by giving back!

– The Official Rules –
So how do you get your name entered into the first official giveaway? Well it’s very simple; just submit a comment to this post and you’re done! By the way, be sure to leave an email address where I can contact you if you win or you’ll be out of luck. And while you’re at it, briefly mention what drew you to the site and feel free to leave any constructive feedback (FYI: ‘Your site sucks’ would only be seen as constructive feedback had I been selling vacuum cleaners).

*Please note that multiple posts do not improve your chances of winning; multiple posts will only enter a person into the grand prize drawing once.

– Grand Prize (a.k.a the Free Stuff!) –
By entering your name into the drawing, you have the chance of winning the grand prize; a $30 Best Buy gift card.

That Was Easy!The second place winner will be rewarded a Staple’s Easy Button. And if you’re wondering what you can do with an easy button, just check out how this guy hacked one to serve as a garage door opener: Easy Button Hack.

– Contest Deadline –
The First Official Giveaway ends on Wednesday April 5th at 11:59PM, entries submitted after that time will not be counted. The randomly selected winner will be announced on Friday April 7th.

Good luck!

The Closet Entrepreneur

Post Scriptum: Feel free to forward the site along to friends and loved ones. If you like, you can do so after the contest deadline is over. 😉

(Update to original post – Just as an FYI, the comments are moderated so please don’t panic if your comment isn’t posted immediately, it will show up in my email the moment you submit it.)

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  1. I first came to your blog when you interviewed Chris from Brainfuel. That wasn’t too long ago but I’ve really enjoyed your blog and I hope I win! 🙂

  2. Well I mostly come here to find out about experiments involving small rodents but since there haven’t been any I’m not really sure why I come. Maybe it has something to do with the small twinkle of a hope that someday, somewhere, a small rodent will jump up and say “thank you.”

    Oh, and I really like the quality content you post. No fluff. That means a lot.

  3. I’m posting a second comment just to increase my chances of winning. Because you never know!! 🙂

    Hey Matt, up until right now you and I have very good odds of winning! Go team, go team go!

  4. Hey Tomas, I just bumped into you over at and thought I would come say hello. I like the blog design too – good layout, nice colors. I will try and stop in from time-to-time.


  5. I guess I have to make another comment so I have the same chances as Chris 😉

    Atleast there’s a second place prize too!

  6. I first came across your site from the comments you leave on my blog.
    Thanks for linking to me, by the way–I really appreciate the support.

  7. Eaindra

    Hey Wallace

  8. I wanna win!!

  9. Did I win yet?

  10. TOMAS

    Well, what a potpourri of responses? I see some of my faithful readers didn’t actually read the part about multiple posts only counting for one entry? 😉 Well, it looks like Matt, Chris, Mark, Andrew, Eaindra, and Arwa are official entrants to the first official Closet Entrepreneur giveaway! What happens next is I grab all your names, write them down on a piece of Post-It note (the smaller ones, not the regular ones), then roll them up into tiny paper balls. After that, I will place them into an empty coffee can, shake them up vigorously, and attempt to shoot them into a trash can approximately 3 feet away (with a 2 foot drop depending on the elevation of my release). The first two paper balls will be extracted and will determine the 1st and 2nd place winners! Or I might just put them into an Excel spreadsheet and use a random number generator. BTW, I’m still trying to figure out my resemblance to Wallace of Wallace and Gromit?

  11. Hey, I wanna see if you look like Wallace – where’s the pics!
    Wallace and Gromit are great!

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