Preparing Your Home Office for a Productive Day

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Written for The Closet Entrepreneur by Suzanne Turnbull…

Working from home may seem like a luxury, but your home office setup can actually get in the way of your productivity and performance.

The Benefits Of Being Organized…

Most people prefer an organized workspace to piles of papers and office tools, yet it’s easy to fall into a cluttered routine while working hard to get the job done. To avoid clutter from accumulating on your desk, take simple steps like…

  • Organizing documents by investing in a filing cabinet, folders, labels, storage bins, and tab divided desk drawers
  • Writing out a to-do list to determine your workload and prioritize the tasks at hand

The Benefits Of Being Comfortable…

If you’re going to be spending the majority of your day sitting, your office chair is what you want to focus on most. The chair you choose can have a large impact on your comfort, safety, and work performance throughout the day depending on its ergonomic design and lumbar support.

The Benefits Of Décor…

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Your home office should also include inspirational décor and office accessories to ease the home office working rut. When searching for desk or wall accessories, keep a balance a mind.

Elaborate items may prove to be more of a distraction, whereas something as simple as framed photography or a plant next to your computer can create a welcoming environment each time you enter your home office.

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Ultimately, your home office is not a place for clutter. The time spent digging through documents and Post-It notes is unproductive and can steal your attention away from the important tasks; so take the necessary time to invest in an organized and comfortable workspace.

About The Author…

This post was written for The Closet Entrepreneur by Suzanne Turnbull, an SEM Specialist at CSN Stores.

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  1. Sandra

    Good article! I just wanted to ad. One way to become a more productive entrepreneur is to have a reliable invoicing system such as e-invoices and fax invoices from companies like This will save you time, money and energy.

  2. @Sandra – Thanks for the tip and the link!


  3. Good article and I really agree

    As an aside, one thing I used to use for my home office was a stress ball which I used to throw around when I got stressed.

    The problem with working on your own is that you need to release that stress just as much as the next person!

  4. den

    Cool post, I found your blog after looking through Moo card photos on Flickr. I am adding you to my RSS feed, and look forward to reading more.

  5. @Dave – I totally agree, that’s why I usually plan activities like walking my dog or riding my bike just to get the blood flowing and eyes away from the monitor.

    @den – Thanks for the feed reader add! Hope the Moo cards turn out well. 😉

  6. Great tips and ideas for improving a home office. It is important to me to surround myself with pretty things in my office – pieces of favorite artwork, family pictures, flowers etc.

  7. @Leigh Anne Wilkes – I definitely agree in keeping inspiration close by—thanks for the comment! 🙂

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