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I really liked the new Tornado Design business cards that Chris created using OvernightPrints.com. I took a pic of the card (it’s difficult to show the quality of the finished product over the web); the rounded edges and Cialis online without prescription UV coating are especially nice. Check them out if you’re in the market for some new business cards.

The Closet Entrepreneur

Tornado's new business cards from overnightprints.com

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  1. Nice! Yeah, they’re pretty sharp. Glad you like ‘em.

  2. Dee

    Overnight Prints is the worst company I have ever dealt with on the internet.
    They have no one to answer their phones and when you leave a message,
    no return calls. The quality of their cards are terrible!!
    I’ve been trying to get my money back for over a month. Now, I have to get the Better Business Bureau involved!

  3. TOMAS

    Hi Dee, it’s unfortunate to hear that you’ve had issues with Overnight Prints. Feel free to share your story if you get a chance.

  4. jojo

    I too am having a bad experience with them. I am in the midst of trying to get my letterhead reprinted or refunded, and i am getting the royal runaround. The first time i used them for business cards. came out nice like you show yours. color wasn’t too bad. and i purposely designed it dummy proof. Letterheads the same way. I designed black only type over a lite blue cmyk background. type came back on the letterhead as cmyk black. and totally out of register. I checked around and it seems they change the files. I have called three times. each time i am on for about 1/2 hour till i can’t take the time any longer. never speaking with anyone. Email responses are cryptic. and don’t directly answer your questions. I got my envelopes today. color not bad but the 1/6 crossover color when converting is now more than that. And if they are converting why don’t they offer full bleed color front and back? i find that odd. I’m only out about 181 bucks so my lesson learned isn’t such a hard one. I am going to keep trying to see if they reprint my letterhead properly. Or try for a refund. I too, have already contacted the BBB. They give them an F rating….

  5. I’m currently going through some b.s. with OvernightPrints.com, too–from all the negative feedback I’ve seen online since then, they come off as a total sham! I ordered 100 double-sided business cards from them, and after never getting them, tracked the delivery & found out that they’d delivered my cards to someone else out in Illinois! I found & contacted the person who got them; turns out she’d been going through the same late delivery issues with OP, only to get MY cards when the package did arrive. THEN they told her to “just throw out” my cards & not to worry about it, that they’d handle my order with me. Well, of course they never contacted me about this order mishap–I had to find out about this on my own, and they still have yet to return my phone or email message.

    I refuse to be put on hold by them for long periods of time, as I’ve heard many people say they’ve done. I let them know they have 24 hrs or less to respond with either free, immediate overnight shipping (after all, they ARE called “Overnight Prints” & need to start living up to their name), or my money back right away–either through them or through a dispute via my credit card company, whichever way they want to play it. Haven’t heard back from them yet, of course, but I WILL get my money back! I’m also filing yet another complaint against them with the BBB (they already have an “F” rating), and I’m telling everyone I know not to use them. Wish I’d checked them out beforehand, but a friend highly recommended them previously (she happened to escape w/ no problems–I told her it sounded like she got lucky!)

  6. TOMAS

    My goodness, it looks like Chris may have gotten lucky with his order. I too came across some negative feedback regarding Overnight Prints while doing a Google search; it’s a shame to think that the company hasn’t handled their customers better. I might just have to post another entry asking people to be cautious of OvernightPrints.com.

  7. Oh wow, this is interesting.

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am deeply concerned with the comments posted here. I am the PR Director for OvernightPrints.com and I want to help rectify any and all of your situations. We are currently updating our system here, and addressing complaints like these are a major PRIORITY. Our customer service hold time is currently under 10 minutes, and we are currently working with the BBB to address all concerns about our service. Please contact me at marketing@overnightprints.com with your invoice # and I will respond.

  9. jojo

    Danny, I’m glad that this is being taken care of. But the problem is that this isn’t a new problem. I found negative feedback from 2004/05. I should have looked up the company prior to using them.

    Although working with the BBB is a nice feature, i really would have liked a phone call, less cryptic emails, and printing at standard for the industry, all in a timely turnaround. Not perfection.

    Like i said my business cards came out pretty nice. On coated stock. It seems the minute you jump to uncoated problems arise. ( black type was still CMYK on Business cards but coated saved it. Higher LPI printing? ) And solving the customer service dilemma isn’t going to solve the problems. The printing qualitly needs to come up a notch or two. As does your turnaround times. I mean the name does say Overnighprints….How can i send work to you never knowing what i am going to get.

    I did finally get my letterhead reprinted. I never spoke to anyone. Only via email. And only after, I only contacted the BBB, so i do have to give a thumbs up for the fear factor.

    On the downside the letterhead wasn’t much better on the 2nd go round. Better than the first. Color Totally different though. And still a little out of register, but usable for non client work. As a designer, i can’t very well send out my own letterhead/envelopes out of register and Order clomid online not trimmed properly. But this really was a test not for me, but if i could utilize Overnightprints for my clients, who always ask about these online printing services.

    My major question though is why does overnight prints change an eps (with 100% black type only) to a jpg or whatever, making the type CMYK? This part just doesn’t make any sense. Nor is it explained on the website anywhere that this will happen? If you accept eps files, than they should be accepted as is not changed. It only made your job more difficult.

    I’d like to be kept posted on the changes, as i feel a company trying to do better is a good thing. And will promote just as much.

    I am going to send this on to Danny Kemp at his address above.

  10. Davidson

    Well, I hope this Danny person will help me with my problems, because their service has not improved in the month that these comments were posted. I really wish I had done some homework on this company. Although the postcards we received were ok (not great, but good enough) quality, everything else is terrible. First, they sent out our order of 3,000 postcards in three batches, but only supplied the tracking number for the first box. When we ran out of postcards to put labels on in about an hour we realized that we were missing 2,000. After only a 25 minute wait on the phone (compared to the hour plus I spent the week before every time I called) they told us that we would get the rest that day. While on the phone, UPS came with one box, but we were still missing 1,000. They said it was on a “slower train.” (I am not kidding!) This may have made sense if they had EVER ONCE said that we may get them in different shipments, or if they had provided me with ALL THREE of the tracking numbers instead of just one. But they didn’t do either of those things. We actually spent a long time with customer service the week before to determine which shipping to choose to ensure we got them on a certain day. We certainly did not expect to get them on three different days. Now the final 1,000 won’t get here until next Tuesday at the earliest! Five days late!

    This is above and beyond the fact that they overcharged us because their poscards are supposed to be on sale, and customer service and billing department refuses to refund the difference in price. Instead they offered a discount on future orders (YEAH RIGHT!). Or we have the option of canceling our order, sending back the three boxes at our own expense and placing a new order, at which time they will give us the sale price. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Overall, their customer service is slow (in the past three days I have spent about three hours on the phone with them), rude (When I asked them to clarify something the rep said “Like I ALREADY told you…” in a very sarcastic tone and then repeated exactly what he said before. Which didn’t help me. This is your job, deal with it!), and cannot do anything to help you. They will not put you through to speak with a manger, they just say, “Let me go check” and come back and tell you “Sorry, nothing I can do.”

    It is absoloutely ridiculous that we will have to file a dispute with our credit card company, file a BBB complaint and contact the AG of California just to get a reasonable response from these people. 100% Risk-Free Guarantee? Yeah, being overcharged for prints that are delivered late is your idea of “risk-free” then sure.

  11. m0xie

    Looks like I should have done my research as well. I ordered 500 double-sided business cards on April 24th. They came looking great- except the back was printed upside down. After waiting on hold for 30 minutes to speak with a customer service rep, they offered to reprint them for me. I was fine with that- until the second batch cam back with the SAME problem.
    I called on May 8th (after a 30 minute hold time) and asked for a refund. They assured me that would be no problem. As I write this on June 6th, I have yet to recieve that said refund. I have made two more calls and Order propecia online sent two emails (to which I have received no replys).
    I just sent Danny Kemp mentioned above an email detailing my problem, and was wondering if anyone has had any success going that route? My next step is the BBB.

  12. JJ

    good luck with that, there may not even be a danny kemp there – that company is too busy fighting too many battles – may i suggest you try gotprint.com – great company and i have never had a printing problem with them.

  13. m0xie

    just to update- filed a complaint with the BBB and received two emails and a phone call from Overnight Prints… got my refund the same day I filed the complaint. so if anyone else is getting the runaround from them, that seems to be the way to go…

  14. I’ve just had a similarly bad experience with the company — no changes, despite what Mr. Kemp says above. Misprints, lost shipments, 15 to 45 minute hold times, useless customer service, etc. I have sent an email and filed a complaint with the BBB… we’ll see what happens.

  15. Davidson

    Update – After sending a compliant letter to the marketing department at Overnight Prints, we received a refund from them in the amount we requested. (The difference between the sale price and what they charged us, as well as a refund on shipping.) I recommend you email them at marketing@overnight prints.com. I don’t know if Danny Kemp is still there, but the person I spoke with, Alexander Brown, was very helpful and much much more knowledgable and responsive than anyone I spoke to in customer service.

  16. Danny

    This is Danny and Order generic proscar I’m still here. We have received numerous emails to the address listed above, and thanks to those emails, as well as postings on pages like this, we can learn about our weak points and take steps towards fixing them. Unfortunately things can’t be solved immediately, but we’re doing our best. Being the fastest growing online printer in the country comes with growing pains – occasional printing and shipping problems, and CS just not able to keep up. We are completely rewriting our CS procedures and training, as well as hiring as many new reps ASAP, and implementing QC procedures at all of our new facilities, but again this all takes time.
    We firmly believe in offering the best products at the best prices, as well fastest turnaround and the most free options (file uploads, glossy UV, etc.), and in the event of misprints or lost shipments (which can happen with any company), we have the most comprehensive reprint/refund policy in the industry. We appreciate any questions addressed to the email above.

  17. Lori

    I wish i would have read all these post beforehand. I just placed 4 orders with overnightprints on 6/12, I am very nervous waiting for them now I hope everything turns out ok ! Will keep you guys posted. Thanks for the Info & very glad Danny is working to improve the company over all.

  18. Eric

    I don’t know were to start! Our order history only shows the last 20 orders but I know we’ve place more than that. Now that refunds and reprints are becoming almost automatic our company has decided to look elsewhere for our printing needs. A company that we started to use is of lessor quality and actually cost more. Might not seem like a wise business move but consider this. when something goes wrong we can’t blame overnightprints to our clients. We take the hit, we made the mistake, not overnightprints! When in the span of 6 months a client orders and Lowest price generic viagra reorders cards with us and on both occassions reprints had to be issued, and even the reprints had to have a reprints. you can bet he will not use us again. Which I am sad to say happened. on a more recent not we are on the verge of loosing a huge deal with a very large company. Our meeting was posponed after I emailed him that their mailer postcards will be delayed. Our other business of web design is suffering becasue of overnightprints not being able to be consistant. I hate to say but the one thing they are consistant about is being very unconsistant :( So today was the last straw. you would think after each mess up they would treat it as a second chance. but that is not the case. I had three order come in yesterday and today and wouldn’t you know. The reprints of another mistake was again….with out the proper spot gloss!! how do you mess up so many times? how do you mess up twice the exact same way on the exact same order.
    I will happily swap resumes just to prove I know what i’m talking about when it comes to CS or lack thereof due to expantion. In short I say, without spite or any unjust grudges, I WILL NEVER EVER USE OVERNIGHTPRINTS.COM AGAIN. and anyone that asks my opinion on the matter I would give my honest opinion that overnightprints.com has already costed me a client and after today might cost me yet another one so proceed using them with caution.

    I already emailed who I think is their best CS person, Amanda. She rocks and hated to talk to her about the situtation as I was very upset. But the inhouse credit they issued us is worthless as we are not using them again. Wow…this venting is almost theraputic..even though it will not help my spelling :))

  19. jojo

    I was wondering the status of this company. I looked them up and found they went from an F rating to a C rating… which is only because they are fixing the problems for those who complain. What about those that just don’t bother. The ones that only pay $24 for some cards. Add those up and they offset the other small minority that does complain…and really is that a way to do business?

    I did complain. and it was never really rectified, its wasn’t worth the effort to fight. Nor the out of pocket expense was enough to worry about. The second reprint on my letterhead was still not right. Same mistakes, color off, but usable for minor things. And the envelopes i do use, but not for my business related purposes… But the kicker here is that the company says they are trying to do better. here we are 5 months later (in my case) and i’m still finding the same complaints, new ones on the internet. But the BBB is upping their status because they are chasing their tail, so to speak. Instead of getting it right the first time, they are getting around the service and quality issues by refunding money, or in my case reprinting and Flagyl 400mg then giving up, so they close the case as satisfied. In my case, like i said it wasn’t worth the time and effort to keep going on this. And that is what i believe OP is banking on… i wonder how many others do that? So in the mean time nothing really has changed but the OP way around the BBB… Sad really. Might want to check out Amazon.com rating service for these guys too… Same kinds of complaints.

  20. Sarah

    Finally, i found someone to share my painful experience with overnightprints.com. Bad customer service and bad attitude representatives, needless to say, i got hung up and ignore on several occasions. I don’t know how they survive all these years.

    My first order with them was about $300, one of the business cards was smear on 1 side. It was a simple logo and simple text cards!! I kinda let it go that time..because everything was fine..Then i just ordered another card 1 month ago, the color of the business card changed from Blue to Purple. I also let it go this time..figure it could be minor mistakes.

    When i placed this order yesterday (will be my last and final one), i was just checking the status, the rep gave me such an attitude that i thought she’s the boss and i made a mistake by calling her ..I don’t think anyone should experience this!! not acceptable..

  21. Nichole Brosch

    I have ordered form ONP many many times. Sometimes as a corporate client when working on contract jobs as well as as an individual. When I have had concerns prior to or post ordering I have jumped through the e-mail and phone hoops in the hope to have my questions answered…it doesn’t matter if I call as a corporate rep or as just plan old Nichole…no reply…or better yet…”refer to our FAQ’s section on our website”. Well, guess what????? What I need to know isn’t on your FAQ’s page…THAT’S WHY I EMAILED/CALLED and/or LEFT A MESSAGE…..Duh! Does anyone have an alternative vendor that they recommend for these type of jobs? I have a feeling that OverNightPrints.com….a.k.a…..WeWillPrintYourOrderWhenWe FeelLikeIt.com…”F’s” with us, because they can! And that’s a Shitty Mess!

  22. sonia

    All of your stories sound so familialr….I had many experieinces with the same result….unfortunetly…it was my businesses reputation that suffered… after endless emails and phone calls … I was surprized to receive a call from a gentleman in their Marketing Dept. He confessed to me that even though we might design in cmyk we are asked to upload our files using rgb… when in fact Overnight Prints… prints in cymk….worse yet is this gentleman said that he had on more than one occassion brought this to the owners attention… go figure….needless to say my company quit using them altogether….I guess you get what you pay for…we have gone with a company called Color Fx in Southern California… they take a day or two longer … but the quality has always been great for us…. they confirm all the orders and will contact you when there is a problem with the file….if you are looking for someone with competetive pricing and quality product… lookthem up………………

  23. Nichole Brosch

    OverNightPrints.com…is the Shiz-Nitz! I may have jumped the gun. After posting my complaint above…I contacted OverNightPrints.com one more time. This time emailing a specific employee. I’ll call him Mr. K. I received a follow up call from Mr. K immediately. I was very impressed. He made no excuses and Propecia without prescription apologized with genuine concern. His personable demeanor restored my faith in OverNightPrints.com. I decided to be reasonable myself and place my order once again. I was assured that ONP’s customer service department, as well as other departments within the company were in the process of addressing necessary improvements. Having been a business owner, I can relate all to well to the growing pains of success. In this fast passed, want everything for nothing, delivered yesterday, world…it’s easy to forget that expecting perfection 100% of the time is unrealistic. (after all…it’s just ink on paper…we’re not saving lives here) Yes, I had an inconvenient experience. Was it resolved? YES! I must say that when my order arrived and I opened the box and pulled out that first card…I was reminded of exactly why I started doing business with OverNightPrints.com in the first place. The silky-smooth matte finish, the flawless, luminescent gloss/uv coating, the beefy card/paper stock, brilliant color and precision printing…all at an amazing price…makes OverNightPrints.com the obvious choice for superior quality, equitable pricing and prompt delivery. My next order has already scheduled.

  24. Karen Bosch

    Another story of a horrible experience with Overnight Prints. I’ve just writting Mr. Kemp (above) and hopefully will receive a resolution, but I’ve also written the BBB! Here’s what happened to me…

    I ordered 250 double-sided business cards. My initial order arrived and the tops of the cards were cut too close (so that the letters of the business name were cut off); take note that the left and right sides were fine. I called and spoke with someone, explained the error, and they sent them through for reprinting. Upon receiving the new order, the top and Propecia sale bottom were fine but now they had shifted everything to the right and had cut off the end of those letters. Additionally, these cards were in a completely different hue (much darker) than the original order. When I called stating that I wanted to send all cards back and receive a refund they said the problem was my error and they would do nothing for me. At first they said they had looked at my design and “I was seeing a white line because my design hadn’t gone all the way to the edge”, and when I reiterated that the problem was a cutting issue they then said that my text was too close to the right and that’s why it was cut off. I asked if that was the case, then why was the text fine left-to-right the first order. They danced around the question and kept stating that there was no refund they would give me and would only offer 10% off of my next order (as if I would ever use them again!). I stated that I had used THEIR guidelines, all text was in the “safe zone” with space between the letters and the “trim line”. They still refused a refund.

  25. Benny Hill

    I also recently had a problem with Overnight Prints.

    I ordered two different business cards. One of them came out perfect, the other one came out with a strong green color which made my logo look horrible.

    I’ve spent over 2 hours on hold (first call was 79 minutes, second call was 40 minutes) only to be disconnected when I finally become first in line. The first call I was 23rd in line and second call I was 14th in line. I sent an e-mail describing the problem but have yet to hear back from anyone (it’s been almost 3 days now).

    I just got off the phone with Mr. Kemp who was very helpful and told me my problem cards would reprint tonight and I’d have them by the end of the week.

  26. Mike

    Overnight Prints customer service is horrible. The supervisor hung up the phone on me while I was voicing my concerns. They have terrible printing, and do not honor their “%100 satisfaction guarantee.

    I live in Canada, and ordered from them, and they do not inform customers about brokerage fees and other hidden charges. It cost me over $100 for total shipping costs on 1000 business cards. They refuse to inform customers, stating that it is not their responsibility. If they ship internationally it is their responsibility to inform customers of possible customs and brokerage charges.

    They do not respond to emails.

    The wait time to speak to someone on the phone is at least an hour.

    My business cards had spots on them from poor printing.

    Do Not use this company!!!!!!!!

  27. I’ve been reading the comments with interest since I’m having problems with the timeliness of my order. The representative had the nerve to get pissy with me when I pointed out that perhaps they should change their name since “Overnight prints” isn’t really an accurate name for their delivery schedule.

    I did a search on Google and the Internet is littered with complaints about this company. Ugh!

  28. jean

    Using overnightprints.com is a GAMBLE; every third or so order is shipped without any quality control. They’re reprinting for me right now (hopefully!)
    I guess you get what you pay for.
    What I do like about them is that they offer 15pt card stock, while others offer 12-14pts. If anyone knows of other 15pt stock printers, please let me know. Also check out: http://www.brokenkode.com/archives/online-printers/

    They list other comparable printers (but not 15pt)

  29. I have used a company called http://www.printsmadeeasy.com
    there quality is good and there customer service is
    the best company i have ever bought from on-line. You can track your orders online and in real time
    they are usually shipped in 1 day.

  30. PME does a fine job of digital printing. However, digital printing on a Xerox iGen is limited to 600 dpi, and the ink is layed on top of the paper stock causing a waxy appearance and feel.

    We choose to print all of our products on offset presses, which are capable of 4800 dpi. With offset printing, the ink is crushed into the card stock, leaving a much smoother surface, more vivid colors, and photo-quality images.

  31. AF

    Look up imagemedia.com. Great staff, quick turnaround, great quality. Design, lists, printing and mailing.
    Call them if you have ANY concerns about any issues.

    I usually call ahead of placing an order and discuss anything that is unclear. They take orders online mainly, but someone can actually walk you through the order process.

    Sorry if it sounds like advertising.

  32. Jessy

    Wow! I’m really glad that I’m not the only one having these problems! Looking at Overnightprints.com testimonial page, I thought that I must be the only one having a terrible experience. My partner and I own a small Marketing & Graphic Design firm in San Diego and use your company frequently for postcard and business card printing.

    Just this morning I had a terrible experience with their Customer Service Department and this has been one of many and I’m not sure why I keep coming back. I ordered 250 8.5×5.5, double-sided, matte postcards last Thursday 12/7/06 and requested UPS Next Day Saver shipping. The postcards were for a spa that was opening on Monday and my client was expecting to hand them out at his Grand Opening. I received the package on Monday at 11 am, but only 48 cards were in the box. I called Customer Service and was caller #4, however it took 25 minutes for me to finally be connected to someone. I was finally connected to a Rep, who apologized for the error and said that he was putting in a claim to UPS and that they would contact me in 5-7 days. He also said that the cards would be reprinted that day (Monday 12/11), I would have them on Wednesday (12/13) and in the meantime, I could give my client what I had. So, I gave my client the 48 cards, apologizing up and down for the mistake and I told him I would have the rest of the cards on Wednesday. Wednesday came and went—no cards. Now I have to apologize again to my client—explaining that I will check in on the order. Thursday (today 12/14) I received my second print of the cards at 11 am—the only problem—there were only 126 cards in the box! I called Customer Service again and this time I was #6 in line. It took 30 minutes to get a Customer Service Rep on the phone. I told him the story about what had already happened and he too said that he was putting in another UPS claim and unfortunately that’s all he could do. He is not authorized to print them again even though I have not received my complete order and he said that if UPS accepts the claim, then they will refund OP and then OP will determine what they will give me as compensation. He said I should go ahead and re-order the cards and just wait to hear from OP Customer Service. He also suggested that I call UPS to try and push my claim through! What?!? How is OP’s dealings with their 3rd party shipping provider my problem? We went around and around and he only said essentially—“it’s not our fault, UPS dropped the ball, re-order your cards and wait to hear from us”. That is unacceptable. I ordered a product from OvernightPrints.com—not UPS—and I have not received what I ordered and now I’m being told—“oh well, that’s too bad.” Even if I do re-order and the problem is with UPS—UPS is my only shipping option, so it is likely that it will just keep happening. When I didn’t get anywhere with the Rep, I asked to speak to a Manager who, not surprisingly, was occupied and my Rep didn’t know how long it would take for a Manager to call me back. He assured me that he had conveyed my story and that the Manager was just going to tell me the same thing he had. I thanked him and said it would just make me feel better to talk to a manager and I asked for their names. I’m still waiting to hear back from either one—it’s been 3 hours. All I want is the cards reprinted and overnighted to me free of charge. I’ve been waiting for what should have been an overnight order for a week now.

    Unfortunately, this has not been an isolated incident. We’ve had problems with Customer Service several times on several different orders. We’re still waiting for a refund for a set of business cards that had a client’s photo on them—where her head was chopped off in the cutting process–it has been months. We’ve also had severe color discrepancies on 2 sets of files, but didn’t report these because of the significant hold times when you call in. Don’t get me wrong, your quality is excellent for the most part and the price is certainly right. However, we cannot continue to use a company when we rely heavily on having the product in-hand. From what I see, we are not the only ones that have had problems and some people have suggested other printers. This should be a great concern for OP. Having a good product will only get you so far–customer service breeds loyalty and fosters word-of-mouth marketing that companies thrive on. This is where they are failing.

    I’m very frustrated and I’m hoping that an email to Marketing will help the situation because so far nothing else has.

  33. Jessy

    Amazing! Danny Kemp, the Director of Public Relations at OvernightPrints, just emailed me back (only 2 hours after I emailed him) apologizing for the problems I had today and offered a couple of options to rectify the situation. After having such a terrible experience this morning, it was great to have such a quick response and resolution. Hopefully that kind of customer service can filter down to those who are actually in the CS Department.

  34. Jay

    Unbelievable. Overnight prints is horrible. Their TOS contradicts their FAQ section which says “Money back if you are not satisfied” What a joke. The BBB of California has done nothing with my claim. Hopefully AMEX will look at this site and side with me. I ordered 4000 postcards and am unable to print on the backside b/c the laser toner doesn’t adhere to the card. They basically said that I should have ordered samples to find out that they suck before i spent my money to find out that they suck.

  35. I have also used PrintsMadeEasy.com and the fact they have an AA+ rating with the BBB (I don’t think they have even had a complaint?) and not only do they answer the phones and emails (in like 5 minutes) but they fix the problems. They’ll reprint orders for you, they’ll even email you before printing if they think something won’t look ok. I have had nothing but great experiences with them and I don’t know what Danny is saying- I never counted dots, but I have seen items printed from Overnightprints and some other companies as well and if I get them on time, they look good and the customer service is superior, I don’t care how many dots are there.

  36. I used ONP about 2 years ago – twice. They are horrible. I had to return my orders both times at least 3 times each. After not getting them right the 3rd time on the second order I gave up.

    I recall similar things being told to me: “We’re sorry… just reorder… it’s UPS’s fault… blah, blah, blah…” No responsibility of their own, always pointing fingers. I won’t use them again. This was so vindicating – stumbling upon these posts.

    Thanks, all, for your comments.

  37. R

    I recently just purchased from overnight prints and I agreed to a 13.71$ shipping charge and when the packaged arrived at my door I had to pay an additional 40$. I ship to the states on a regular basis with my company and my customers have never once paid a UPS charge ontop of a shipping charge. I should of been made aware of that. I dummy proofed my picture as well and the final product was pixelated, and a funny green color not the gorgeous image i create. Very disapointed!

  38. I just recieved my business cards from overnight prints. I emailed them explaining the cards are blurred, can’t tell what the image is, 20 of the cards are scored or marked, damaged.

    They said they woule reprint them free. I emailed back and said if you need to change the font color to help I was ok with it.

    They then wrote back and said that they would charge 50% of original price to reprint. I asked for a full refund because they do say 100% risk free.

    Debbie.R@overnightprints.com – retention – said I can send them back and they will then decide if I get my money back.

    Well they are going back. I paid with bank card, told my bank what went on, sent them all the emails, they are going after the refund. I am shipping the cards back this week.

    Absolutely Horrid Company in my opinion.

    Pastor KPO

  39. David


    Similar problems all round. I have made a number of orders with Overnight Prints and gone back for the pricing, opting to roll the dice. I, too, had problems with their promise– never overnight, never even shipped for about a week in almost every case and this almost caused a big problem one time. I also found their coupons sometimes do not work as promised. And I, too, found discrepancies between promises made on the site. Also no luck with customer service by going directly. And if you ever re-order an order… the quality control on the color NEVER matches. It is actually a pretty big difference and this is where I recommend the following:

    1. Do not use them if time is of the essence. Disregard the “Overnight” in their name. they do not back this up.

    2. If color matching on re-orders is crucial go elsewhere.

    3. If you have a problem– go to the BBB directly. You will get an answer and have saved a lot of your time.

    Their pricing is good and you can eventually get satisfaction and refunds… if you are willing to go in with a “buyer beware” mindset of all the above.

  40. Monica

    I’ve used overnight prints several times and when there has been a mistake I call and they make it right. Yes, turnaround and hold time is a bit slow but I have found their quality to be good. Sorry these people have had such a bad time with them. I will continue to use them!

  41. Kate

    Thanks for the warnings on Overnightprints.com. So what other online printing service do you recommend for small runs of 250 to 1000 pieces?

  42. Mike

    My turn.

    I just sent them my third email. I spent $147.36 with them on a number of biz cards with different backs. I followed their specs to the letter. I ordered rounded corners. They cut the tip of the corner off my personal picture on nearly every card. And I placed two separate orders with these dolts.

    First they offered me a 15% refund. Then when I said that was not adequate they laid this inane line of mathematics and poor customer service on me….

    Dear Mike,
    I apologize for the inconvenience as I did not mean to offer with my credit offer. Currently at this time due to the incorrect cutting I can issue a reprint for the defective sets at no additional cost to you. Or if a reprint is not desired a credit will be posted to your account to use towards a new order. A credit will be issued in the amount of 20% from both orders for a combined credit of 40%. With your confirmation our Accounting Department will issue the credit codes to use on future orders and e-mail them to you. I will be awaiting on your response before issuing the appropriate transaction.

    A combined credit of 40%?!?! Now that’s some interesting math, unless I’m reading this wrong. 20% off the first order + 20% off the second order is still just 20% off the total for both orders. Did they think I was going to fall for this, or are their customer service folks lacking in basic math skills?

    Here’s the rest of it. From this URL – http://www.overnightprints.com/main.php?A=faqs#q13 :
    What if I am unsatisfied with the product I received?
    Overnightprints guarantees a No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

    Overnight Prints promises you will be happy with your product, or we will gladly reprint your order or refund your money.

    And from their Terms of Service at this URL – http://www.overnightprints.com/main.php?A=terms_conditions :
    Printing errors attributed to the customer are not subject to free reprint. Customer may correct their issue and reprint the order at 50% of the cost for each reprinted item. Shipping will be set as ground for reprints and will be paid for by the customer. Upgrades to shipping will be available at standard rates. Errors caused by Overnight Prints will be reprinted and shipped free of charge.

    It discusses printing errors, not cutting errors. Lastly, and without reference to any portion of their terms, the same paragraph states, “Errors caused by Overnight Prints will be reprinted and shipped free of charge.”

    OK, so they did not explain or readily provide specs for rounded corners, otherwise I would have gladly adjusted my design. So this is their error. And I will admit, the color and printing quality was excellent.

    This is their last chance to make this right. Hell, I offered to send them my cards back, on my dime! Just give me a full refund, let me reprint my cards, and send them to me. Then I go away and quit plaguing them.

    It amazes me that they waste so much time over paltry sums of $$. Imagine what they’re spending just to play email ping-pong with me. If they were smart business people, they would have honored my initial request, updated their specs and terms, and moved on. But no, they’re going to piss away $$ on labor over my claim. And how many folks just checked out the websites of their competition as provided above? I know I did! What a bunch of dopes! Never ceases to amaze me – the value of doing business with honesy and integrity and care for your customer. How hard is that? And think of the business they could have.

  43. Esther

    OH MY GOD, why didn’t I read these posts before I ordered with Overnight Prints. I am shaking mad right now. Obviously no one even LOOKS at the cards after they are printed and cut. My first set had 3 white scratches on a black card through EVERY CARD. Then I reorderd before I sent the first one back because I was in a hurry and the second set came and the black was now green-ish black (no-one wants to see a bride looking green). I called, sent emails and chatted a total of 9 times to finally get a rma number to send them back. Well, I just called them, they said they’d only take one back because they only issued one rma number. I said “but you have both of them, so just look at them, see the mistakes and issue a second rma number” Amy, in “customer retention” (ha!) then tried to blame the green color on me, and said that she couldn’t just look at them, they were ALL THE WAY down in the warehouse. She said she’d call me back in a few days–yeah right, I’ll be waiting…

  44. Overnightprints needs to be STOPPED!

    I have used overnightprints for about 5 years now. They used to be great but have gone way down hill over the past few years. I think they just grew too fast. My THEORY on what happened is instead of doing everything in house they started outsourcing to different companies. I have had orders shipped from all over the country when they used to just ship from the Santa Ana location. Now every-time I order something it gets screwed up. NEVER TRUST this company for anything that is time sensitive. I have never had a problem with the quality. The matte finishes are horrible the glossy finishes are great. I’d rather talk to my cat than their customer service. They have put me on hold for half of my life, never resolve issues, never know what’s really happening with your orders, never give you proper refunds this all coming from a very patient person. I will never use this company again, no one deserves to be put the hell I received when dealing with overnight prints. They need to be put out of business so that no other innocent people trying to get a freak’n business card made suffer like me and all the other posters on this blog. On another note if you think oh, they just messed up my order once let me just get them re-printed DON’T DO IT, they will screw it up again and again. Cut your losses and move on.

    Since then I have used another company that is great. Nationwide Disc. The prices are comparable to overnight, a couple of bucks more but worth it. They get everything done on time, the quality is way superior to that of overnight, they do small quantities, they also do every other kind of printing like CD’s Folders, DVD’s, Postcards, Brochures. You have to pay more to get them printed quickly but hey at least you’ll know when it is really going to arrive. I have use them for about a year and have ordered business cards, postcards, DVD’s, Brochures, and Folders. When you receive the product you will be thrilled at the quality. They are the nicest most professional people you’ll meet. http://www.nationwidedisc.com

  45. racer

    And yet another complaint!

    Ordered 1000 5.5×8.5 cards. Only received 500 and the packaging was horendus! about 100 cards were folded in half to fit into the torn up box they put it in. Spent an hour on phone waiting to talk to someone. Spent another 20 min. talking to someone. A reprint was issued. 4 days later another package arrived with only 220 cards in it. WTF!
    Oh, I had to make myself avaialable for UPS to come inspect the damaged cards because they filed a claim with them. I’m sure these clowns aren’t losing any money in repritns. What a scam, short the order, bend a few cards, file UPS claim, collect from UPS and keep our money too. These people need to be put put out of business.

    How do I get a hold of the BBB?

  46. GirlGumbo

    I’ve ordered several things from ONP in the last year. More than half had issues when I received the finished product. Most recently I ordered some brochures and when they were delivered, one corner of the box had been smashed in and looked like it had been chewed on by a large dog. I opened it up to find one corner of all the brochures near the smashed portion of the box bent up. The problem was that ONP didn’t pack the product properly. Some crumpled newspaper stuffed in there would have shielded the brochures from getting bent and the box smashed so much. The brochures obviously had a wild ride during shipping being flailed about in the dead space of the box. I complained and was immediately reassured that I could get a credit or a reprint. I checked with my customer and email ONP back to tell them I wanted a credit, I received a reply from their shipping dept. telling me I would have to meet with a UPS rep and UPS would have to inspect the box and merchandise to determine who was at fault. ONP told me that a UPS rep would be there within 1-3 business days. I was highly annoyed as, basically I was told I would have to sit on these damaged brochures until ONP determined who was at fault. Who has time for that? It was ONP fault for not packing everything properly. I am currently waiting for the UPS rep to visit me and inspect it.

    ALSO*** I am also annoyed with how ONP changes black text to CMYK and then prints it out of registration. I would prefer my files not be changed, but if they must to at least PRINT IT PROPERLY. Text looks really blurry with ONP printed items.

  47. Danny Kemp

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This is Danny with ONP again. I’m very concerned with the recent posts I see here, and I’d like to learn more about them so that I can take any steps necessary to resolve these situations with you – our customers – and internally so that we can eliminate these problems.

    If you have, or have had, a problem with our product/service please email me at marketing@overnightprints.com and I guarantee I will personally handle the situation. My goal is for our customers to be pleased with our products, and I am working directly with Production and Customer Service to ensure this.

  48. Hi!

    I would like to speak up for Overnight Prints. We send a lot of jobs their way. Not every single one has been perfect but, compared to the competition (especially in print quality and price) I can’t think of a better alternative. Most offset printers have higher minimum quantities, higher prices and lower quality.

    I think most of the problems probably stem from their business model. Their business has to be a volume business – and therefore customer service will probably be lacking compared to a local vendor.

    We had two problems with the service amongst about 30 jobs and they handled both pretty well.

  49. Ken

    Don’t use the company for anything important!!!

    I am very dissatisfied with this service. I have referred many people to Overnight Prints, since I am in real estate. Normally, I do not have tight timelines on printing bulk items, however these cards were for my wedding and Overnight Prints has drastically let me and the wedding party down. I have not received a credit yet on my credit card. How could I do business or recommend the company again?

    Date ordered: 4/10/2007
    Date completed printing: 4/12/2007
    Date of 1st Contact with Customer Service: 4/13/2007
    Date of 2nd Contact with Customer Service: 4/16/2007
    Date of 3rd Contact with Customer Service: 4/17/2007
    Date of 4th Contact with Customer Service: 4/18/2007

    Customer Service Responses:
    Friday, 4/13/2007
    CS Rep: Order will ship today.

    Monday, 4/16/2007
    CS Rep: Order has shipped but we don’t have the tracking number yet to update website.

    Tuesday, 4/17/2007
    CS Rep: Order in shipping department (CS called shipping). Apologized as type of cards is a new product. Offered to overnight ship and said I would receive tomorrow 4/18/2007.

    Wednesday, 4/18/2008 (excerpts from chat)
    Branden: Turn around time 72 hours. Strangely enough, these have not shipped.
    Ken: It has been 195 hours.
    Branden: I am aware of this.
    Branden: I was notified that these cannot now be located.
    Branden: I will send them to reprint and have them shipped out to you with Next Day Air Saver
    Ken: So you are saying a week from today?
    Branden: Unfortunately, yes I do apologize.
    Branden: Can I issue you a discount on a future order?
    Ken: At this point I really don’t think an apology is enough. I have to check with the bride’s maid on what to do…. rsvps are needed to complete bridal shower reservations… calling her now
    Branden: I’m offering all that I can sir.
    Branden: This is why I am trying to issue a credit for a discount on a future order.
    Ken: Anyway to get them here by Friday?
    Branden: Unfortunately, we cannot, the turnaround is 72 hours.
    Branden: These are printed on a digital press.
    Branden: Tuesday is the soonest.
    Ken: At this point I have been lied to 3 times… set expectations of others. I truly expect the fastest turn around time and a full credit.
    Branden: To receive a full credit on any of our products, we will not be able to ship you the product.
    Branden: What I can do is offer you the quickest turnaround possible and a credit on a future order,
    Ken: I know you can only do what you can do. Please give me the upper management email address(s). I have to follow up. At this point these cards are worthless.
    Ken: Hate to take the heat out on you, but now I have the bride and her maids all over me.
    Ken: Provided phone # for management, no response from management.
    Ken: Sorry, cancel the order and issue credit. We are going to Kinkos
    Branden: Ok
    Branden: You want the $85.10 in credit?
    Ken: Yes, please.

  50. AG

    Well, I had designed my business card on the website and was prepared to submit my order. Before doing so, I decided to browse Google for some coupons to try to offset the cost of shipping. However, I ran across this site and was curious to look at some of the comments. Needless to say, I backed out and decided not to order from this company. It wasn’t a large order I was going to place. I was just gonna order 100 or so business cards just to give them a try. After reading all the negative feedback, I don’t feel it’s worth my time ordering. I’m not willing to take that risk right now. I really do need some business cards ordered before I travel across the country, but I think I’ll just wait for the next trip.

  51. Thanks for the comments. I see customer service really does matter. We pick up the phone m-f 8:30-5 Eastern. You can ask for Matt. I will help you with your order. We stand behind our customers because were on your side!!!
    Thanks for the industry comments, they make me feel better about our business!!!

  52. I’ve used ONP many times to print business cards (including multiple card designs within the same order), and so far have been satisfied with their turnaround time and quality of cards. I’m sorry to hear about the negative experiences other people have had; I personally have been very satisfied with them.

    Jane (no conflicts to disclose)

  53. mkw

    Another scary thing about overnightprints, is that customer invoices are open to everyone on the web. A violent ex of mine googled me and got my home address from my online invoice at overnightprints.com.

    Double beware to use these guys.

  54. Nicole Wong

    I just got off the phone with overnight prints, and i am hopping mad! I order some business cards from the company, and tracked them on line. I notice that the package came up to canada, and then back to louisville where the package initially started from. I contacted the company, and was told that the problem had been rectified, and that the cards would be arriving today. Here is the email I received from the company,

    “Dear Valued Customer,

    As per our conversation on last evening. I have followed up with the UPS
    order and the order will be shipped to you by today Wednesday 05/02/07.”

    I tracked the package today, and found that there was no way that it was going to get up to Canada today. I called the company, and was told by Aaron that the customer service rep made a mistake, and that they won’t be arriving until Friday! Despite ADMITTING that they made a big mistake ( I now have a meeting with clients tomorrow without business cards) they are insisting the COMPANY did not make the mistake, it was their EMPLOYEE who was at fault. And that UPS was at fault as well since they misdirected the package anyways. Does that make sense to anyone?? Doesn’t the employee represent the company when they are paid to be customer service representatives??

    The manager I had spoken with just made a bad situation a whole lot worse. I can understand that mistakes happen, as long as the company tries to rectify the problem. His solution was to give me 10% off my next purchase. NEXT PURCHASE???? That is just plain insulting.

    Can you please write back to me, I feel frustrated, taken advantage of, and just plain angry.

  55. William Ratliff

    I am very surprised at all the negative feedback. I made up two entirely different orders. Both orders were great quality, great looking and professionally done.

  56. Wes

    Well, was just about to hit the submit button to place an order, but decided to google ONP first because their ‘secure’ order form has no security icon showing on my browser which made me suspicious.
    Glad I found this site and all the negative comments, seems I saved myself and my company alot of time by NOT placing an order today.

  57. Hi all, I want to add my OvernightPrints.com saga here. The good news is, mine has a happy ending, but it took some work to get to it. This is actually the short version(!):

    I ordered my first business cards through Overnight Prints almost a year ago. Two-sided cards with a photographic image on the back, even small type on a black background – the printing was awesome, and I loved the thick card stock. I designed some cards for a friend, again, great quality aside from a lot of mis-cuts, but that’s hard to complain about given the speed and price. Last fall, I ordered a batch of oversize postcards through Overnight – again, really great printing and love the cardstock. No complaints. Three successful orders with no complaints. And all three arrived before the promised date.

    Then in April, I ordered another batch of 250 oversize postcards. When they arrived, I noticed they were packed differently than the earlier batch, but didn’t think much about them. I quickly looked through a few and the printing again looked great. A few days later, when putting address labels on, I ran out of cards about halfway through my address list. It turns out I only had about 175 cards. Never having a problem with Overnight prints, I just sent an email asking them what I could do. I never received a response, so a couple days later I called Customer Service. I went through the long wait (while being told I was next in line) and got hung up on. I called again, waited again, and got an agent. I told him the problem and he dismissed the problem by offering a discount on my next order. I said thanks, but I really just wanted the rest of the order I paid for – even just 70 more cards would be fine. He snipped they could only print in batches of 100. So I said 100 would be fine. Clearly annoyed, he put me on hold and finally came back to say fine, they could do that. I asked if I could get an email confirmation, and he said no, but I would get an email when they shipped.

    A week later having not heard anything, I called back. I explained the whole situation and he asked who I had talked to. I didn’t know, but it sounded like the same guy. He was short off the bad and told me they couldn’t reprint until they filed a claim with UPS. I explained that the packaging was fine – no damage, and that there was even filler plastic in the box. The box had arrived in perfect condition, it just didn’t have the full order in it. He said it didn’t matter, they had to file with UPS anyway. And even though they would eventually reprint, he wouldn’t do it until an investigation was done. I asked if there was anyone else I could talk to and he said no. I was sure to ask his name this time (James).

    At that point I did a google search and found the complaints like on this thread. Through this, I also got the email for Danny Kemp and fired off an email explaining the matter to him and to Customer Service that night. Within an hour I got a snippy email from Customer Service saying that nothing could happen until a UPS investigation occurred. But the next morning, I had a very nice email from Danny apologizing for everything that had happened. He said they would reprint the order and have it to me as fast as possible. When they were supposed to arrive, the UPS tracking showed there was an exception and the box was empty (it seemed to be UPS’s fault according to their tracking). I let Danny know, and he said they would print yet another batch. Those arrived, and as usual, the printing (except for a few natural glitched ones) was perfect.

    So… my lesson is, I still prefer their quality of printing and stock over other places I have tried. Their customer service, aside from Danny Kemp, is terrible. (His life has to be hell putting up with all of this, but he was great.) For now, I will still use them as long as I have the luxury of time to deal with a problem, should it happen. I have gone ahead and ordered a new batch of business cards from them today. I’ll report here on the results of those as well.

  58. Mephistopheles

    After all that you still use the same service?
    You either got alot of time or the patience of Job.

    I have neither.

  59. Matt

    These little ‘testimonials’ have all been pretty interesting. I have used overnightprints.com several times and have had a very mixed bag of experiences. The first time I used them was for business cards, and aside from the outlandish shipping costs, the quality was very good. The only problem is that ‘overnightprints’ apparently really means ‘oneweeklaterprints’. But since it wasn’t a rush job, I didn’t mind.

    But the next job I ordered was brochures and another business card design and the results were pretty bad. Despite having a professional designer create my card design, the prepess guys at overnightprints.com screwed up (there were even crop marks on the original design, I dont know how it came out how it did), and the cards came out horrible. I contacted them to try to fix the situation but I got very little help. I ended up ordering new cards (and a new design) from http://www.redgorilla.org. They helped me find a local printer and gave me the design work for my cards, which ended up working out much better.

    Overnightprints.com seems to be really hit-and-miss. But I have to say for my part that although my first job was nicely done, I probably will be looking elsewhere from now on. I don’t need to pay 40$ extra for shipping, especially when it’s not overnight shipping. I’ve started working with several local printers and so far things have worked out great.

  60. I am following up as promised on my earlier report (see above). I just received a new batch of business cards from Overnight Prints and they came in on-time and great quality. Like my first batch of cards, these use a photo on the back and have small white type on a black field on the front (not recommended, because printers usually can have trouble with the type getting filled in). Despite the bad service experience I had above on my last order, I have to give them kudos for the great job of printing. In full disclosure, there were probably a little over 20 misprints in the batch (of 250). To me, that’s pretty normal with most print jobs, so I don’t have a problem with that, especially at this price. For now, after five orders with them and one bad experience, I’m sticking with Overnight. Their quality of stock and of printing is better than I’ve found for other similar vendors. I just know not to use them on time sensitive orders because if there is a problem, it can take some time to remedy. I do definitely recommend contacting Danny Kemp (marketing@overnightprints.com) if you get the same runaround from Customer Service that I and other posters on this board have had problems with.

  61. Dee,
    I’m experiencing much the same thing. I ordered 100 brochures from Overnight Prints in May. I was charged twice for my order. It’s been six weeks and I still haven’t been able to get the overcharge removed. I’ve called them (no less than 15 times)and emailed them (no less than 12 times. Everyone I’ve spoken with tells me I have to speak to someone else, then I either get dumped into a voicemail system (where no one ever returns the call)or I’m sent back into the loop to wait for the next person who will not have an answer either.

    Overnight Prints has a good product but their customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. I’m contacting the BBB this week also.

    Joe S.

  62. Mephistopheles

    Amazing, glad I canned my orders.

    Been using Printsmadeeasy.com for the last 40,000 cards at 10k per order, everytime they arrive earlier by 1 day at least and look great. Even got 1000 business cards for free from them, well, you know “free” isn’t really free… but still a nice gesture on their part. The postcards are actually .03 cents cheaper than local printers i’ve used and they are at least 7 days faster than the local guys even with shipping time included.
    It actually takes longer for my mailing service to process than it takes to get them printed. I think I will be switching to PME to do the mailing also.
    Good luck with overnightprints.

  63. I’m pretty busy so won’t tell all the stories, but will say that after their many mistakes including switching my postcard order with someone else’s, faded print jobs, crooked cuts, blue that looks purple, LONG waits on customer service hold, emailing back and forth with customer service to NO avail, etc…. AND NEVER ANY RECOMPENSE, NOT EVEN THE OFFER OF A FUTURE DISCOUNT, I’M DONE WITH OVERNIGHT PRINTS!!! AND AFTER WAITING AN EXTRA WEEK OR SO WHEN THEY SENT ME SOMEONE ELSE’S POSTCARDS, THEY WOULDN’T EVEN OVERNIGHT ME THE REPRINTS BEACUSE IT’S COST THEM TOO MUCH!!! CAN YOU TELL BY THE CAPS THAT I’M GETTING STEAMED UP AGAIN?! The postcard stock is thick and prices cheap, that’s why I was so tolerant of the many ordeals, but it’s more hassle than it’s worth and if you have timed pieces, you absolutely cannot count on this company. All the stuff on their website about how they’ll reimburse you if not satisfied, all that lovely great customer service talk is BULLCRAP!!! They have shown me, a regular customer with a list of past print jobs in the 1000’s, that they don’t value my business. I am a realtor in WA looking for a better print company with thick glossy card stock for postcards. Any ideas or past successes are welcome. It’s almost time for asnother order.

  64. Rick

    After reading these comments last Thursday evening I placed my order for 500 brochures with Overnight Prints with some trepidation. I was in a jam and I needed them ASAP. According to their schedule, I should have received them on Wednesday (the show started this past Saturday and runs nine days).

    I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived via UPS overnight this morning (Monday), two days ahead of schedule. The quality is great and they arrived is good condition.

    One reason I placed my order after reading about so many negative experiences is I had placed about six calls to them for help in resolving online issues, and I got through to a representative either right away or after a wait of less thana minute. They were all courteous and eager to please.

    The bottom line is I submitted my order just before their deadline late on Thursday and my order arrived in Ohio on Monday before 9:30 am. I would use them again.

  65. AR-D 2020

    OVERNIGHT PRINTS SUCK A** – DO NOT BUY ANY SERVICES FROM THEM EVER!!! I have filed a complaint with the BBB as well. They even tried to charge me a higher shipping charge for a re-order of the same job!

    Use PSPRINT.COM instead. They have all their operation on site.

  66. Randall

    Overnightprints.com opened a facility in the West end of Louisville Kentucky. The purpose of this on the city’s end was to create jobs in a crime riddin area and “ending the hopelessness”. The area of town this is in is known for it’s people (drug dealers and murderers) I think we’re up to 40 homicides this year. A good sum up of why you people are having your problems, worthless people put out a worthless product.

  67. Tammy

    This will be a long story so I’ll try to give the condensed version. A little background: I currently work for a place that does a LOT of print work, and I work on my own as a freelance designer. I’ve been a designer for over 10 years so I would hope that I’ve learned a thing or two in that time and I’m certainly not perfect, but I do know my job.

    Being new in my current job as the manager of marketing, I “inherited” some print vendors that the company had already been using. One of these vendors was ONP. I was very reluctant, having had a bad experience with them in the past (and a really bad customer service experience of same). However, since my new coworker stated that they had had good luck with them, I gave it another try. A few orders went through just fine, despite a delivery issue once that eventually got rectified. BUT I recently ordered some brochures… and apparently ONP is NEW to folded brochures… and these were a huge nightmare.

    First, there was no spec information online for the brochure panels, so I called and got that read to me over the phone. OK. So I designed the brochure with exactly those specs. After some thought, I decided to design it in a way that the images overlapped the panels on both sides, so that if the brochures were misfolded at all, it wouldn’t be too obvious.

    Then, for whatever reason, my InDesign saved as pdf file would not upload… at all. I called a few times to their support staff who went over the file with me a couple of times, and even they could not figure it out. They wanted me to email the 18mg file to them (9 mgs per side) which I could not do from work, so I remotely emailed from my personal email account (and have no copy of) to get it to them. Meanwhile, when I called to make sure it came through (which it did not because of their email system being down) I spoke with a new person in the design department that stated that she could just upload it from the back end if I wanted to email it again to her attention, then they would send me an invoice via email.

    Since I had spent well over 2-1/2 hours trying to get this upload and on the phone with people, I was releived to have it taken care of and in the works.

    Here’s where it really fell apart. Because my file had overlapping images, someone there decided that my panels were incorrect. Now, if you are a designer, you know that a pdf cannot be changed per panel, unless someone puts it into an application and deliberatly changes them. There is just no way. It could be stretched as a whole perhaps, or condensed as a whole, but not panel by panel, as it is one file. So, someone there decides that because the images overlap, that my panels are incorrect, and they stretch some panels, then squish others–by as much as 30%!! When I received the printed brochures, I was floored. This reworking was immediately evident by the front panel which I designed with a circle shape, but comes to me as an egg shape.

    Needless to say, I called them immediately, and I got the serious runnaround by the CS reps. They stated that they didn’t have any notes that they changed anything– therefore my file must have been like that (remember, I didn’t upload it either, they did) and that I would have to pay for reprints and new shipping. This was after the original person in the design department, the one that uploaded it for me, stated that they do occasionally correct or change the panels on a brochure. WHICH is it? When I got the same ridiculous answers again, I asked for a supervisor who was of course, not available. I had to call three times to get to a supervisor, who just gave me the same party line. No notes that anything was changed, that I must have sent it in that way… bladah, bladah.

    Meanwhile, I called a local printer and had them reprinted, very quickly and very nicely. A place that actually knows what it is to appreciate business from their customers.

    At that point, I decided to get a refund ONP, based upon there supposed customer guarantee. After playing phone tag with the “customer retention” person about 4 times, I finally spoke to him and was basically told that I had to prove that this was done incorrectly. I ended up sending him the samples of the brochure that they did, and the one that was correct, and a copy of the orginal files on disc. When he eventually called me back, again it was stated that it was not their fault. How much more can I give them to prove it? If I couldn’t prove that the file I sent was correct and emailed, and send him a copy of the email, well then, they just couldn’t help me. It is NEVER their fault.

    What he agreed to do is to have me send back the product (at our expense of course) and they will give us store credit. So basically, I have to use them again so they can make good on the guarantee and I have to pay to ship the order back and pay for shipping again on the new order where the credit will be applied. Wow.

    If you use ONP, you may be happy a few times, but keep in mind that chances are that you will eventually set yourself up for a no win frustration and dissapointment. All those folks who gave them kudos here– you’ll be back– and you won’t be writing accolades.

    Personally my company won’t be using them again as long as I’m the manager here, and I will be pursuing a better resolution through filing a complaint with the BBB.

  68. Aimee Friend


    after reading the above comments I felt I should share :)
    I have been using ONP for several years now. All but one of my orders were flawlessly executed. This last spring I received a messed up shipment. The reason was because someone had forgotten to put packing material in the box so my post cards obviously had quite a roller coaster ride. I must admit their phone hold times are not fun but once I reached a live person they promptly fixed the problem by reprinting and shipping the order. Their paper and thickness is superior to most on the internet … in terms of misregistration I would tend to blame the designer not the printer … it’s digital not press! Perhaps I have had a better experience since I am located in southern california … who knows! :) But I will continue to use their services!!! (My clients have loved their products as well!)

  69. Reggie

    I been using Overnightprints.com for about a year now. Of all the business cards I ordered through them, only a few were shipped wrong. Of those cards that were shipped incorrectly, they we quickly reprinted and overnighted, plus I was given a discount for future new orders. I’ve had no complaints on their quality or production times as they are very satisfactory.

    Note: Color-critical designs need to be done elsewhere. For files you can just convert to a CMYK tif, these guys will do just fine. Suggestions: Check your color values in the tiff file. Example: make sure black text is not a cmyk build, only 100% black. This is Just to prevent registration issues. I think their LPI is a 133 or 150, not sure.

    About the only real complaints I have are the telephone wait times and I did have some brochures come back to be poorly packaged where they were damaged in the shipping process. Plus the folds were off.

  70. I have used Overnightprints.com on 2 occasions after they were recommended by a friend of mine who used them, and I have no complaints. After reading this board however, I dont want to eat those words and risk having a problem. Does anyone else have any other companies they can recommend online for printing business cards and stationary?

  71. overnightprints.com is horrible!
    the quality is horrible, customer service is horrible & rude, if you have an issue good luck getting a refund!
    this company has some of the worst business practices I have ever encountered.
    order ships damaged (bent corners), round corner/die cut option is horrible.
    this company is horrible!

  72. and the printing quality is disgusting.
    inconsistancy of color.
    streaks in prints.
    scpre/folds have chipped paint.

  73. Cal Riften


  74. Kevin

    I don’t know what you guys are doing wrong, but I love OP. I have ordered thousands of postcards and business cards over the last 6 months. They always turn out with amazing clarity and quality, even when I use noon-stock photos. The stuff I get has been double and single sided and I have tried glossy vs non-glossy. I am always extrememly happy with the turn-out…we have given up on local business, because OP is higher quality and has more personalization. One of my orders didn’t show upp right (picture was little fuzzy) I contacted them and they had me upload the picture again and they sent the replacement at no extra cost and rush delivery…turned out great and didn’t even have to send back the (semi) deffective ones.

  75. Mephistopheles

    Ahhhhhh ! Kevin is the one, I recall ONP saying they have a happy “customer” .. Kevin must be the one. Any relatives working there? There are other blogs about this company, Kevin your experience is one that is few and far between judging by the responses all around….But I admit that in sales people always remember the time you screwed up and not the 1000 times things went perfect….thats when the personality and performance of the customer service rep is critical in retaining the unsatisfied customer, sadly, this is the dept that ONP seems to have left in a small corner of the web filled basement.

  76. Stephon

    I’ve used ONP for a run of business cards, and three runs of postcards.

    So far, the only problem I had was due to my own error–I was in a hurry and didn’t doublecheck my image.

    I’m disturbed to read about the problems some of you have had, but I’ve had no personal experience to disuade me from using them.

  77. chris

    The problem with ONP is that their Customer Service is horrible. There are always issues in a service business, but their inability to take responsibility for their errors is extremely unprofessional. If I say I am sending a client something on a particular day, it is my responsibility to get it there. Period.

    They are just awful, and I would say I’m never using them again, except that I have 2 credits left to use from past screw ups that they refused to refund. Ugh.

  78. Ken

    I’ve been using ONP for over two years now, and overall have been impressed, however, when they screw up they screw up good. The last two orders that I”ve placed have been a nightmare, one shipment arrived in 5 (five) UPS shipments, and this last order was worldwide express, ordered on the 13/09/07, was supposed to be shipped out on Friday as it was a priority shipment, and as of today, still awaiting it to be cut, and shipped. Not shipped yet and paid 250.00 to have it shipped express. Ask me if I’m pissed, and no freakin supervisor on staff at 6:30 pm to address my issues. Not impressed guys. You can do better, especially now you have two plants, in the US, the size of 3 football fields.

  79. al

    Sorry that a lot of people are having such problems, you get what you pay for. Everyone wants excellent work on the cheap and it is hard to believe that you can get what you want for almost nothing. Who do you think is printing this stuff? All the pressmen that knew anything have been thrown out the door. Today, it is people not experienced in the printing trade and the sales team has no interest in customer service except numbers. It looks like this company needs a competent logistics person. This has to be a small business trying to exploit the internet. This kind of service/quality or lack of, is happening thoughout the USA in all sectors.

  80. Benny Hill

    This is just a follow up to my experience with OP in November of 2006 (I just stumbled across this link in my bookmarks). You can read my previous post here: http://theclosetentrepreneur.com/overnightprintscom#comment-526

    I was promised to have replacement cards in my hands by the end of the week and they managed to do that however those replacement cards were also worthless. That time instead of a severe green tint the replacement cards had a pink tint which looked awful.

    I wrote a snail mail letter to Danny Kemp and mailed it to him with one of the green tinted cards, one of the pink tinted cards and one that was correct so he could see that I wasn’t just making things up. I never received any sort of reply (no phone call, no e-mail, nothing).

    Danny was a nice guy to talk to and seemed to genuinely want to help me, I have nothing bad to say about him however his employer is worthless. I will never again do business with OP and I have steered people away (and will continue to do so) whenever I can.

  81. Alex

    Wow, I thought it was just me. I started with overnight prints and the first business card I did came out nice. So, using the same exact colors I created other business cards and placed my order. What a mistake! Colors came out all wrong, yellow was bluish-yellow, green was light, dark blue was more like light sky blue. Asked for a reprint. Reprint better but not that good.

    Now, I printed some brochures. This time, I specifically asked for 100% CYMK yellow color. Instead I got a bluish yellow color. They could not even fold them right, with one side being folded too much and sticking out from the entire brochure.

    When I called their support department and selected option 5 to see what can be done or order a reprint no one picked up the phone although they advertise being there 24/7.

    When I finally got to speak with someone through other options, they said that the yellow is fine, and there is nothing wrong with folding. If this is their standard of “fine” then I am not ordering from this company any more printing.

    They said that they can give me a shipping label to send the entire order back to see if they will do a re-print or not. But I have a show coming up in 3 days (which was the original reason I asked for a 2 day air shipping). They said, that if I don’t ship entire thing back they will not do a re-print.

    I think the quality of OvernightPrint is C level, and if this satisfies you then use it. If you want a top quality print to represent the image of your company then opt in to pay a little more and get a better product.

  82. xxxgam

    Overnight prints is customr service idiots! Mu order was received completely wrong and when reprinted there were 2 more errors that they found when inspecting my order.They never notified me of the delays and lost out on my cuatomer because of them..I requested full refund and they said they could only give me a credit for future order..I referenced theie 100% Risk free offer that is on the website and they arill refused to refund, after i clearly stated what that 100% risk free guarent means they transfewred me to the returns dept. Instaead of bitching about their horrible customer service jsut reference the 100% risk free and by law they have to issue you refund. We are the customer we tell them what we need to be happy, they don’t tell us. Hit them where it hurts and that is the bank account issuing all refunds

  83. Mephistopheles


    Fast and responsive, been using them since dumping OP. Even if you submit something to PME using your specs, if they see something that might cause you to be unhappy with the results they will contact you before they print it and give you suggestions! It’s like having a “buddy” working at PME when dealing with PME! Talk about piece of mind now, PME has cut the worry and follow-up for me by 60% easy. I no longer have to worry about my own dumb mistakes screwing the order up ! I can’t say enough about PME, their name says it all PRINTS MADE EASY !

    PS and no I don’t work for PME, and I sure as heck will not use anyone else anymore. Better sign off now…I could go on and on about PME saving me time and money.

  84. Sarah

    I ordered 2 sets of cards from OP earlier this year and aside from a little lag time, didn’t have an issue. It seems though that there are so many problems with them and even more every day. I will not use them again. I am going to look elsewhere for my printing needs. Unfortunate for them though, I was going to be quite a large client. They need to take a second look at what they are doing. One or two caring people can’t carry an entire printing business.

  85. stevi3

    I just submitted an order yesterday. I went with them due to their great website, decent prices, and I’ve known people that were content with their services. Now, running across this website, I am a little nervous. I just receive my order by Tuesday, if I have any complaints, I will email Danny Kemp directly.

    Next time, I will try printsmadeasy.


  86. Lynn

    I am so frustrated by my on-going headache with Overnight Prints!!! I ordered some postcards for a marketing campaign from them on 9/11/07. Today is the 17th of Nov. and my order is still wrong and I can’t get a refund! First, I was informed that they were backed up and standard shipping was going to take a few weeks. So, I upgraded to faster shipping. The order still didn’t come until a few weeks later. Then when I opened the order it was wrong. I called customer service, and after waiting on hold for 45 minutes, was told it was their printing error and they would re-print to correct the blurriness and the color. I then had to wait for them to send me a shipping label, which took another 3 days. I finally sent the 1st order back and after waiting again for a couple of weeks, the second order came. Go figure, the order was still wrong and looked the same as the first. So, I call customer service and wait another 35 minutes on hold. I finally get through and they transfer me to a voicemail for the returns supervisor. I leave Aimee H. a message and wait 2 days for her to call me back (even though her voicemail says within 24 hours). Then she leaves me a message and I call her back and she doesn’t pick up. Another 2 days goes by. I finally talk to her today and she needs me to send back a sample of 10-15 of the second set of postcards to verify that the order was wrong. She tells me that there was probably an error with the type of file I sent in the first place. Once she receives these, she has to send another freakin shipping label, and even then I might only get credit. I will never use Overnight Prints again and I don’t want their credit!


  87. Before this week we were big fans of ONP and had never had a problem. Then we ordered 5000 Brochures from them and all of them had orange and black color spots that were not on the proof. Unfortunately, our client needed them now so we could not wait for a reprint even though we had called ONP and they offered to reprint them for free. In our case we had 2 orders still outstanding when we got our first botched order. The other two came in and both had errors.

    The letterhead came in with white spots on the top where it looks like the ink skipped a spot. About 15% of the postcards that came in also had white splotches on the back where it looked like the printer had tried to put down ink but wasn’t able to.

    We contacted customer service who gave us the run around. Due to the time sensitive nature of the postcards we could not afford to have a reprinted so we decided to take them as is. We are using them in an direct mail campaign with an expiration date listed on them. I asked for a refund since they did not want to reprint the letterhead. A guy named Marcus hung up in the process of the transfer to the GET THIS “customer retention dept” I am surprised they even bother with thier lack of quality control. I had to call back and wait for another 30 minutes. I asked to have the name of the president/ceo/or owner of the company so I could write them a letter outlining my problems with their company and the woman that I spoke with said she didn’t know who the head of the company was. Yeah Right like I am going to believe that. They just don’t want all the customer complaints.

    I will attempt to contact them via the marketing@overnightprints.com e-mail address and hope that this will reconcile the situation. If not I will file a dispute with Visa and the BBB.

    Yes the orders we have done in the past have been ok but I will never trust them with another order. They will not receive my business again.

  88. Bob

    One of our subsidiary companies has been putting print jobs through Overnight Prints for several years, dozens of jobs a month, and have never experienced any problems that have not been resolved immediately and with a friendly attitude.

    Perhaps it would help to look into the mirror at your own approach toward the folks at OP before trying to second guess and criticize them. You should also look at the quality of the artwork or lack thereof you submitted for production in the first place.
    They are printers, not miracle workers. You know the saying…garbage in…garbage out. Happens all the time on custom printed jobs.

    If your expectations are realistic Overnight Prints is great. Disputing the quality of the print job to justify disputing the bill is quite common on custom jobs of all kinds. Some of the previous criticism sounds like it falls into this area.

  89. Alex

    So you think it is acceptable that I re-print the same graphic 2 times and get radically different colors? In one case, yellow looks more like green. In another case the colors are fine, but the folding is way off, not even straight. Finally on the last re-print the colors look washed out, blue looks more like light sky blue but the folding is OK. So I settle for the best of the 3.

    Is it too much to expect that the same document would print out about the same every time you print it?

    Is it too much to expect that the folding is proper according to the specifications that were published on the site?

    Is it too much to expect that someone might take a look at the final output to see that the quality of the fold or the printing is just not right?

    Is it too much to expect that the prints arrive without the same scratch on every print resulting from a bad or damaged roller somewhere in the pipeline?

    In some cases, you put good stuff in but garbage comes out. Have you ever thought of that?

    I am glad that the company you are talking about has had no problems, however, many of the people here would disagree.

  90. Mephistopheles

    If it is “one of our subsidary companies” that has been “putting print jobs through..” How would you know what it took to get to finish product and how long? or even if it finally was produced by OP? Just a thought.

  91. TOMAS

    I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experiences with Overnight Prints on the blog. A year and a half and 90 comments later, and I think it’s time to put this discussion to rest. If you have an issue with ONP, then please read through the comments to see what others have had problems with and what process they used to resolve them. As for ONP, I’ve never used your service, yet good luck on getting all the kinks ironed out.

    The Closet Entrepreneur

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