How To Pimp Your Craigslist Post

If there’s one thing aspiring entrepreneurs we all love, it’s free access to great resources like Craigslist. Although Craigslist initially started as an e-mail distribution for social events, it has quickly become a jack of all trades for everything from personal ads to cheap viral marketing for startups (hint hint). Yet aside from uploading four images and writing a witty post description, there’s not much you can do to make your post stand out from the rest of the plain text crowd – until now.

How to add some “bling” to your Craigslist posting…

Craigslist allows HTML to format your post layout and text, which is all fine and dandy if you’re versed in HTML coding or handy with an HTML editor like Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe Dreamweaver. The only inconvenience is that custom images require separate hosting and a custom layout requires manual coding. Instead, you can simplify the process by using vFlyer to take care of all the formatting and coding for you. Here’s a summary of the process:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the free vFlyer Personal plan.

Sign up for the free plan...

  • Step 2: Create your flyer, there are a number of types to choose from.

Create your flyer...

  • Step 3: Edit and publish your flyer.

Edit and publish your flyer...

  • Step 4: Copy and paste the HTML code to your Craigslist post.

Copy and paste your code to Craigslist...

  • What you’re left with is a nice, eye catching post:


So what’s the benefit?

The first thing to note is that you are no longer restricted to the Craigslist default of four pictures since vFlyer allows up to 15 photos to be uploaded, the only caveat is that users are redirected to an external vFlyer page to view the slide show. There are also 14 templates for you to choose from with the option to create a custom theme if your heart desires. Also, the vFlyer code can be used on other sites such as eBay and MySpace, and last but not least you can email and print these flyers for distribution.

In conclusion…

Standing out from the crowd is a great idea (unless you’re a zebra), and free tools like vFlyer can easily provide some much needed eye candy to help you sell and promote your products, services, blog, company, et cetera in front of millions of Craigslist users without the need to learn or code HTML. Yet if you’re one of those adventurous types who wants to try a custom solution, you can pretty much do anything with HTML in your Craigslist post as long as it meets the HTML and photo requirements.

The Closet Entrepreneur

Post Scriptum: There are vFlyer alternatives such as postlets and ClassifiedFlyerAds just in case you want to try something different. If you’ve tried either of these services or know of a service I may have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.

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  1. JHail

    Ok saw this today.

    How is this posible to ad moving pics to CL WITH CLICKABLE LINKS?

  2. Thank you very much for this blog. Very smart and useful.

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    Sergio Stephano
    Founder –

  4. My company specializes in custom craigslist campaigns to optimize business generation through craigslist. Visit us at for custom Craigslist ad designs.

  5. Anthony Brocato

    Thank you for this site. I has been very helpful to me.

    Thank you, Tony … :o)

  6. You should give a try and let me know what you think. It has a pretty rockin’ Post to Craigslist feature that makes a stunning looking listing.

  7. Mehran

    I like to use for listing cars for my friends dealership, nice little site that helps you list cars on craigslist…

  8. i use for my ads. they have over 40 templates.

  9. I do custom CL ads using Dreamweaver. It is pretty basic just using a few tables, and you can even make the backgrounds different just by making a table that fits 100% of page, with a gradient image, or solid colour. Then just put another centered fixed width table inside there for you ad content.
    I have created a small table that matches the look of my navigation bar on my website and has functional links, and created a GIF image that approximates the look of my flash intro on my homepage, so the look and feel are almost identical to my website. Just a handfull of tables inside of tables. All images are stored on my website’s storage area, but photbucket works great, too.
    You only have to do it once and treat it as a template, then put in your custom ad material into it when you want to post. No limit on pictures…

  10. sort of disappointed with the vflyer thing trying to get me to give money

    “Sign up for the free vFlyer Personal plan.”

    Yeaaaaah….free trial for that junk

    stick to your own html layout! save the $$$ for your startup!

  11. Shawn

    I’m having trouble posting in different areas.
    I’m not an auction site, I don’t even know what MLM is…
    I simply have several apartment complexes around the US…
    I have to post rental openings and Apartment manager jobs…
    Everything I do gets ghosted….
    Looked into CLBOT and CLAD GENIUS…. Do you reccomend either of these?

  12. Hey,

    Thanks for this. vFlyer is still around. I use it for my photo business in San Jose but very little actually call since people on craigslist are cheap.

    vFlyer is truly an amazing product and worth the investment.


  13. I have a few ad’s that i am looking to optimize on CL classifieds. neew some help making them pop


  14. Ryan

    Thanks for the info. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    I also just came across a site called that has a lot of good tips and stuff on how to make your ads look better and sell faster.

  15. Matt

    Thank you. Worked great!

  16. TARA

    have you tryed

  17. I was happy to come across these tips. I’m currently having trouble after placing a bunch of my ads on Craigslist. Tried to spruce up the appearance by using Unfortuntely, when I do a search on Craigslist just like a potential customer would, I am unable to find my ads! I do find them in my account listing. I can click on them “manage” — then click on view ad here.. and I can view the fancy ad there. Will try some of the other suggestions, but does anyone know why I can’t find my ads? Thanks in advance! Yolanda

  18. Dominic

    Good stuff i like the clean look. I would always host my pics somewhere free like photobucket and just do some basic html coding to display full size hi resolution photos and also add more than four. photobucket actually provides you with the html code, you just have to put in some break tags and tags to keep everything where u want it. thanks for sharing



  20. Neal Lassiter

    Also consider
    Post up to 20 images, format your ad with an html editor, and post to craigslist with different image gallery options for free.

  21. What a big difference! 🙂

  22. We have been getting a lot of business from craigslist. What a great free resource.

  23. Jason

    its easier to just use

  24. sburt

    Can you upload pics from to If so, please let me know.

  25. I had this guy design it for me, I did the basic one for five bucks! He has alot of other cool features for a little more! You can’t beat that!

  26. just as I was thinking on how to spruce up the html in my craigslist listings I come across this post. I have tried the tips and overall the viewers on my craigslist ads have been more responsive. it definitely gives my ads more of a professional look. thank you

  27. Julie

    It doesn’t seem that VFlyer has a FREE option anymore. Maybe I should have read through the comments before! Did I miss the free option on Vflyer’s site? I didn’t see any… Thanks!

  28. Thank you for the information. We actually use Serif and just ad html coding once we load our image up. Looks very professional and loads quickly

  29. VFlyer might be ok for some, but they fall short of creating professional looking ads for service providers and small businesses needing to have a unique look, or mimic the visual appearance of their company website.

    We design XHTML Craigslist ads for our customers because oftentimes, a cheap instant-build solution falls short of what the client needs. Check out our website at – We create ONLY custom XHTML based Craigslist ads for our clients.

  30. jeremy

    Great post. FYI, I skim the source code off the template sites and just plunk it into Kompozer. Then I can do anything I want to it and pull out any annoying adds or links. If you use Mozilla Firefox for a web browser, just look under “web developer”>”View source code”. Copy all that text it gives you and paste it into the “View Source” section of Kompozer. Kompozer is a free website editor that is similar to the popular adobe dreamweaver product but is open source. You can download it at Happy listing!

  31. Great tips. Thanks for the helpful information. Still relevant after all this time.

  32. Aaron Sperling

    Julie, there is still a free option. It is called vFlyer Personal edition. There is a link to it on the pricing page. The subscription plans offer more craigslist layouts and the ability to create branded design themes.

  33. vFlyer is offering a start of the year right promotion on annual subscriptions. The promotion code is “vsitestartof2012” for 20% off annual subscriptions to the vFlyer service.

  34. I like to use its free and there is no sign up or anything, its quick and easy. Their templates are pretty good but they could use a few more.

  35. Nellie A

    I would like to share what I have bneen using which is called, just $5.00 a month. it will also track how may clicked on your ad and traffic sources.

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