How To Pimp Your Craigslist Post

If there’s one thing aspiring entrepreneurs we all love, it’s free access to great resources like Craigslist. Although Craigslist initially started as an e-mail distribution for social events, it has quickly become a jack of all trades for everything from personal ads to cheap viral marketing for startups (hint hint). Yet aside from uploading four images and Generic cialis sale writing a witty post description, there’s not much you can do to make your post stand out from the rest of the plain text crowd – until now.

How to add some “bling” to your Craigslist posting…

Craigslist allows HTML to format your post layout and text, which is all fine and dandy if you’re versed in HTML coding or handy with an HTML editor like Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe Dreamweaver. The only inconvenience is that custom images require separate hosting and a custom layout requires manual coding. Instead, you can simplify the process by using vFlyer to take care of all the formatting and coding for you. Here’s a summary of the process:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the free vFlyer Personal plan.

Sign up for the free plan...

  • Step 2: Create your flyer, there are a number of types to choose from.

Create your flyer...

  • Step 3: Edit and publish your flyer.

Edit and publish your flyer...

  • Step 4: Copy and paste the HTML code to your Craigslist post.

Copy and paste your code to Craigslist...

  • What you’re left with is a nice, eye catching post:


So what’s the benefit?

The first thing to note is that you are no longer restricted to the Craigslist default of four pictures since vFlyer allows up to 15 photos to be uploaded, the only caveat is that users are redirected to an external vFlyer page to view the slide show. There are also 14 templates for you to choose from with the option to create a custom theme if your heart desires. Also, the vFlyer code can be used on other sites such as eBay and Viagra online canada MySpace, and last but not least you can email and print these flyers for distribution.

In conclusion…

Standing out from the crowd is a great idea (unless you’re a zebra), and free tools like vFlyer can easily provide some much needed eye candy to help you sell and promote your products, services, blog, company, et cetera in front of millions of Craigslist users without the need to learn or code HTML. Yet if you’re one of those adventurous types who wants to try a custom solution, you can pretty much do anything with HTML in your Craigslist post as long as it meets the HTML and photo requirements.

The Closet Entrepreneur

Post Scriptum: There are vFlyer alternatives such as postlets and ClassifiedFlyerAds just in case you want to try something different. If you’ve tried either of these services or know of a service I may have missed, please feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.

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  1. Good find.
    I normally write the html my self or use a custom program I wrote to display the inventory on one of my used cars sites. But this is great for someone who wants to get it done faster or doesn’t know how to code!

  2. So very true. A good listing on Craigslist can do wonders for a search engine listing with a brand new site. Not only that but it is quite a high PR link back. The trouble I had was actually getting the html linking code to work better. Your post here has just helped me out of one very deep problem that I was having. Well Done.

  3. TOMAS

    @TopCraiglistTips: Would you mind sharing a link to one of your Craigslist ads for all to see? :)

    @TerryG: It sounds like you’ve came across some big benefits by using Craigslist to promote your website(s) – any tips you would mind sharing with us?

  4. James

    I like because of the different template style choices and because they post to more directories. A little easier and Online purchase viagra quicker to use too.

  5. @TerryG: It sounds like you’ve came across some big benefits by using Craigslist to promote your website(s) – any tips you would mind sharing with us?

    Yes I started the anxiety site and listed each day for two days on Craigslist. I found Google indexed the site within 24 hours. Y and MSN were a bit slower and have not indexed the whole site totally but some. The good thing was that no pages under Google hit the supplemental results index nor was it sandboxed. Site submitters charge a lot of money to do this and I have just done it for free. All I need now is to continue with high PR sites linking so when the next page ranking comes around the whole site will hit PR3+. I suspect using this method with pages in the supplemental index would pull them out and into the natural index as well. I am yet to try this but I cannot see why not, anyway, if done it would only take overnight to find out. If I can help anymore just let me know.

  6. I use… it’s free and you don’t need design or coding skills. I’ve gotten a better response when I’ve used the craigslist ad maker.

  7. TOMAS

    @Linda: is a pretty nice webapp, it could use some fine tuning but it looks pretty simple to use and has a nice “web 2.0″ feel to it — thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey Tomas, Thanks for writing this posting up. I recently put a job listing up on Craigslist and Buy clomid online without prescription used the method you walked through. We wound up getting a really great response, and I think there’s no question that compared to a sea of text ads, the extra design really makes it stand out.

  9. TOMAS

    Hey Josh, I’m glad to see that the extra eye candy helped out! Now, when do we get to read Josh’s 10 tips on nabbing a great new-hire?


  10. I am a musician and a realtor, and this article helps my craigs list music ad and my real estate business!
    Thanks-fab post!

  11. @Terry – Hello Terry, thanks for visiting and I hope your real estate and music biz benefit from the info!

  12. Thanks for sharing.
    It is a helpful article.

  13. Pablo

    I like using for craigslist.

  14. The only one of these I can get working on CL is Vflyer. Classiflyerads is more flexible with html, but will not show up on CL. CL admaker has the same problem.

  15. TOMAS

    @jeff m – I’ve never tried using or, but I do know that CL uses various filters to keep spammers from posting on CL. Unfortunately, regular posters are not exempt from these same filters. Case in point, I used Vflyer to post a washer/dryer that I had for sale and although I could access the post through the URL that was provided, it wouldn’t show up on CL under the respective category. Even worse, my post wouldn’t show up in any search results. Ultimately, I had to remove all but the most essential html, delete my post, wait a few hours, and then repost my ad just to get it to show up on CL (and in the search results). I’m not sure if Vflyer is aware of this (I guess I could email them :) ), but I do know that they regularly make updates to their service to account for such issues. Hopefully no one else runs into the same issue.

  16. James

    Yes CL uses various filters and it is not specific to vflyer or CL has been tightening up lately. They have also been having issues with ads not showing up on the list pages. This is currently stated on their system status page and Buy cialis professional no prescription is happening with html and non-html ads.

  17. You might also check out, it has the same approach …..definately funny :) Self serving to a degree I supposed as we created it for a client but I ran across this post and decided I would promote them :) Thanks for the space. Have a great Christmas to all

  18. TOMAS

    @Matt – Thanks for sharing!

  19. This post caugth my attention as I use Craigslist a lot. I didn’t know we can improve the outward aspect of our postings. This is great and very informative. Thanks Closet Entrepreneur.

  20. Door Pros

    This info worked out great!


  21. Craigslistadmaker failed me completely – twice. Just a big white screen staring me in the face after spending valuable time inputting. Now on to something else.

  22. TOMAS

    @Dan and Door Pros: Glad you were able to make use of the info!

    @Greg: I haven’t had a chance to use Craigslistadmaker, and unfortunately I couldn’t find an email or contact form for web support. Hope you were able to make use of the other ad maker tools mentioned in the post and comments.

  23. OMG. This is the best thing I have seen in a long time, THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!!!!

  24. TOMAS

    @Karma: Glad to know that you were able to pimp out your ads on Craigslist! :D

    BTW, congratulations on the pursuit of your passion (and your move to Hawaii), hope your photography business is doing great!

  25. Zoe

    After reading about Craigslist ‘tightening’ up their policies, I waa a little leary about spending time working on a post design that might not work.
    V-flyer worked perfectly. I was really happy with the process, professional output and ease of application.
    Thanks for the great idea.
    The improved and professional ‘look’ was exactly what I was looking to create.
    Many many thanks!

  26. TOMAS

    @Zoe: Glad it worked out for you, and nice blog BTW!

  27. You can give a try. It is fairly new.

  28. TOMAS

    @Patrick: Thanks for sharing!

  29. Jimmy

    I tried vflyer twice and Cheapest place to buy propecia both my CL ads got flagged and removed. I re-posted my ads not using the vlfyer format and they were not flagged. Seems like CL users will flag your ad if its vflyer or too much bling.

  30. TOMAS

    @Jimmy: Same thing happened to me, and strangely it is hit and miss because I’ve come across some CL ads that were using just as much html as the vFlyer ad I was using. Well, at least you could get away with using vFlyer on eBay without issue.


  31. Juan

    I use and love it. Cheaper than others out there, and has more features.

  32. Judy Keyes

    Any way to write an ad using html which prevents it from being flagged? Am in very competitve market and ads are flagged by retailers to eliminate competition. Thanks.

  33. jordan demeis
    Has anyone used the easy ad poster software spoken about in the above link? It seems pretty compelling for a business using craigslist to market a product/service.
    Anyone’s feedback would be appreciated…

  34. Miguel T

    I use on a regular basis. The interface is clean and efficient. They have 5 “plans” that are very competitive. You can review their pricing plan here, As stated in previous comments, they also provide HTML for Craigslist. Visit the FAQ section for Craigslist specific information. They also provide a ton of templates to select from.

  35. jr

    Craigslist is a great website for lots of traffic. I use the Craigslist Auto Poster Software to post my ads. Its a great tool, but just dont spam with it, and you will be ok.

  36. Hey, all. I’m developing a new tool that I think everyone in here would really enjoy. Unlike the other services listed here, my application does graphical (image) ads rather than HTML ads. We’re launching the beta version this week and Buy doxycycline without prescription we’d love to see some community feedback and feature requests. Let me know what you think!

    – Cody Snider

  37. TOMAS

    @Cody Snider – Listing-Doctor looks like it has some potential especially since Craigslist’s spam filters focus more on html and not images. One thing I did notice is that the uploaded images on the ‘Add Info’ page show up as broken links in Firefox 3 – I haven’t tried it out on IE or Safari yet. The uploaded images do show up when you check the preview though.

    As for feedback, although the system appears to be quite intuitive for the most part, it might be a good idea to put some instructions on the ‘Add Info’ page just so users know what each section is for. Also, more templates would be nice along with the ability to create your own custom template.

    Good luck on making this a solid app, it might just be the answer to the issues everyone has been having with Craigslist’s html filters.


  38. This is quite useful article. Five years ago I heaviuly used CR and had great results with my HTML ads…

  39. Werner

    Looking to create clickable links for my craigslist ad.

  40. Here are a few suggestions for simple, easy, FREE wysiwyg to html code converters.

    You may find others. You just type and spruce up your ad copy in the Rich Text editor, then click a button to generate the equivilant HTML code.

    Those other sites you mentioned are for template-based editing. For most craigslist users that just want to create clickable links, photos, and maybe bold, bullet, and paragraph text but not make it look like a spam ad, or some commercialized ad. But that it was written by an actual private individual that is just looking to sell their stuff.

    For some crazy reason, craigslist could not include a Rich-Text-Editor or offer some basic html functionality. I guess in a way, they want to keep the site simple for regular everyday people. It is already bombarded enough.

    One tip I recommend is using notepad to copy, paste, and save your html periodically. No need to type a lengthy ad just to find out that your craigslist acct timed out and now you must resubmit.

  41. TOMAS

    @4evermaat – Thanks for the tip and recommendations!


  42. I found a few more

    Basically, just do a google search for free online html editor

  43. Okay, after writing several lengthy ads that because I hit a button or dragged something with my mouse that caused me to visit another webpage, when you press the back button, it wipes ALL the text from the form. I had to RETYPE those ads each time. So my advice now is to just use Gmail or another email host that allows for autosave of the message every x minutes. With google, I never worried about my ad copy becoming lost while I type online. Then when you are finished in gmail and all associated formatting, take that text, copy it into , then convert the pasted text into html code by clicking the conversion button, which is

  44. I just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that has made some modifications to the CL posting HTML we provide you. It’s works well with the Craigslist HTML limitations and the flyers look great on CL. Note: our system does not post the flyer for you. This is against CL terms. We simply provide you with CL compatible HTML that you can use to post yourself.

  45. MIGUEL T

    Misty. This is great news! I just tried it for myself. The CL posting HTML looks AWESOME. I love it. The flyer I created was X10 NightWatch2 Black & White Low-light Video Camera – $29. I see that you also lowered your pricing. I use to be a ‘pay per flyer’ guy. Not so, anymore. I love the yearly subscription discount. I also noticed that you offer Ebay Store advertising? I will have to look into that. I am sure glad that I checked the box to get notifications when this post is updated. Thanks again, Misty!

  46. Joe

    I recently tried Slozzle again ( and they have added new templates for boats, cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. It was simple to use and my ad looks great. Funny site too…

  47. Hi we make Craigslist Ads that hyperlink to your website or opportunity. Visit our site

  48. Tyson

    Custom Craigslist ads are indeed better then going with the limited options CL offers .
    I run a advertise a few product of mine on Craigslist and I have to tell you sometimes there is a huge difference between a good looking ad and a poor one , it really makes or breaks your business .
    I use 899 for my designs, great guys to work with , for every product I had them create me a different ad, instead of putting all my services into one ad , my response rate went up noticeably by the niche targeting .

  49. If you are looking for serious viral marketing experts including master craigslist power poster..

  50. Craigslist Helper

    This is horrible advice. Craigslist users don’t like overly fancy ads and Cialis order it’s all too often that people with flagged ads come in wondering why they suffered such a fate.

    You see how Craigslist is plain-text? Keep it that way or expect to get flagged.

  51. We design craigslist image ads at reasonable rates.

    Visit our web for more information

  52. Ray

    Has any one tried
    Up to 17 pictures, logo\’s personal photo. Add a Banner, Maplink if you want it and Youtube, you can even add downloadable documents as well. It sends you a Flyer, and you can email the flyers straight from the site, save and edit, templates.
    This site is Awsome.


  53. Ray, i saw some samples on there and see the ads full of “google adsense” Do they put all the adsense campaigns on all their free ads like godaddy does for free hosting?

  54. Ray

    Google Adsense does not appear on the Published Ad’s, they are only on the preveiw Gallery

  55. Hi there, you might also want to check out this classified ads maker. It lets you customize your ads and publish code on craigslist or other sites. completely free for unlimited usage.

  56. Great article and comments. Thanks so much for the tips! Do you know if you can embed you tube video into a CL ad?

  57. Michael

    I have been using to find tenants for my rental houses. It has worked quite well, have two of four rented in just over a week. I think the ability to add so many pictures and look a little more straightforward does help.

  58. @Winston Salem Luxury Homes – I don’t believe that CL will let you embed You-Tube video since it strips much of the needed code from the embed code. Of course, you could always link to a You-Tube video. :)

  59. Tommy

    No, you can’t add youtube on CL but you can use to create a flyer and you will see it lets you add the youtube code, then go to craigslist and paste the code.

  60. That’s a nice design. Is the vflyer actually a page that is on craigslist or another server? Sorry I just don’t quite understand where the page resides.

  61. @Web site designer – From what I gather, the images reside on vFlyer’s servers and Buy zithromax without a prescription are called by the html code used in the Craigslist ad.

  62. Postlets comment:
    Overall I am delighted (visually) with my Postlet Craigs List ad and the syndication. I think it is more attractive than your vflyer ad I saw. This ad is in Belmont CA for Summerhill Cambridge. Price: $799,000.

    Property Website:

    As a Realtor in the greater Palo Alto and San Francisco Peninsula, I need all the “edge” I can get.

    What I don’t like about Postlets is that it automatically autoloads the number of bedrooms into the title. This particular property is spectacularly located, but the 2 bedrooms in the title hurts traffic.

    If Vflyers doesn’t do this, then I would go with them for Real Estate syndication. Oh yes, Postlets will enable you to syndicate your ad on many sites.

    The Postlet flyer is beautiful. If you want more than five photos, you have to pay (subscribe) for that so this is also an advantage to Vflyers.

    Generally, no matter how many bedrooms a seller is offering, buyers want one more for the price. But of course bringing everyone together IS the job.

  63. Cody Flanagan

    For me the best Craigslist Ad design Service is provided by Junin Design. Their website is: Their Ad Designs start from $9.99 and they also give you one free Ad design. To get one free ad design, all you need to do is order four ad designs of the same price and they give you the fifth completely free of the same price. Their rates are unbelievable for all the features you get for your ad. Everybody should try their service. Don’t pay $89.99 just for a static picture ad. For a lot less money you can even get animation and photo slideshows with Junin Design. They are the best!!!

  64. I recently rebuilt my wedding photography website, and will be posting an ad this week on craigslist. The thing that interests me the most from reading all the above comments is that the ads can help you in your page rank quest. I will do my utmost to find out if this is true. I have a beautiful site that sits with a big fat zero. We will see how long it lasts. Thanks all for the info.

  65. babe

    you may also try this site

    ad pages have the rss and yahoo buttons for search engine

  66. robert levin

    Craigslist does not except any youtube videos. It will not show any type of video! Craigslist is html based so you can only post html on craigslist. What you can do on craigslist is an animation. I promote my travel business on criagslist and does all my craigslist animated graphic ads. They look like video but you can post them on craigslist. also made me a kick butt website. They have a host of services geared to the newbees like me to internet marketing. Their craigslist ad design start at only $45. so i was able to get two ads made for the price of those other companies. Hope this helps because i have seen many false ads advertising video on Craigslist.

  67. @robert levin – Thanks for the tip; I would have never considered using an animated gif on Craigslist but it makes sense if you want to get video in your CL ad. :)

  68. robert levin

    No prob. Tomas,
    You can get more tips on craigslist posting from they have a blog and you can ask them questions via their email They are super nice and always willing to help. I highly recomend them if you need any graphics done they are the company to go with. I reviewed the others and they cost more. I have a budget and they fit right into my budget.

  69. Lois sherman

    Good afternoon Tomas,

    I need for you to create an ad on “Craigslist” ASAP.

    Please call me & I also left a voice message on your
    phone @XXX-XXX-XXX.

    Looking forward to doing business with you!

    Have a Great Day,

  70. robert levin

    Hey cody Flanagan,

    Cheaper craigslist ads doesn’t mean better ads. I agree that paying $89 for a craigslist ad is a bit over budget. But looking at the $9 ads they do not look professional at all. After all you do want to portray confidence in your product or service. When you have studied marketing you will find that a visually appealing ad will increase a persons confidence and willing to work with your company. I found makes professional looking ads that are in every one’s budget $45. I agree that you should check out all your options and you will find that whitebuffalodesignstudio is one of the best services out there. They have great customer service too.

  71. The Brain

    I really appreciate this post. It & you are definitely a winner! Keep up the info/

  72. Craiglist is indeed a powerful site to post your website.Love it!

  73. Jason

    I don’t mess with vflyer, though it is a nice site. I use to create html (web-based) ads. The site is free, allows you to upload up to 5 pics (CL only 4 and they are poor quality) and even has this thing where you can track your ad’s views! Fill out the form, pick your template, it spits out the code and you copy it to craigslist. Simple, no sign up, no ads and it is FREE. Can’t get better than that!


  74. Thanks for the post Tomas. It’s useful.

  75. @The Brain, @Erwin, @Tantawi Sagara – You are welcome, and thank you for commenting on the blog! :)

    @Jason – Thanks for sharing. ;)

  76. Hi all:

    I use It’s free, the ads look very nice and with just one click you can tweet your ad.


  77. Great advice and resource page!

  78. We recently started using Vflyer. We looked at some of the other free services and the thing we liked about VFlyer was that is saved your ads and allowed you to update them. It also publishes to several different listing services so you don’t have to. As far as we could see, none of the other services did all of that.

  79. Jason

    @4WeHelp — I saw that you made an ad on, I like adliked, it was nice and simple. doesn’t post the ad for you, but it does save the ads for you, up to like 100 I think, for later editing and whatnot. Vflyer I think is just a little over complicated.

  80. Jacob Oshane is the best Craigslist Ad Maker. Designs from $9.99 and Get One FREE. They really know what they’re doing. The process is very simple and very straightforward. Fast turnaround and awesome designs. You can also check them out at to see more of their work. They are the best !!! Highly Recommended !!!

  81. marc

    Will look at this and see if it can help me


  82. @claudio, @Jason, @Jacob Oshane – Thanks for the recommendations.

    @Chris, @marc – Thank you, you’re welcome and glad you enjoyed the article.

    @4WeHelp – Thank you for sharing your experience with Vflyer.

  83. Are there any services like this that dont cater to real estate and offer templates and design for services such as fitness?

  84. Tasha

    want to find site to create free flyer to post on craigslist. i can create a publisher doc but dont know how to then post it on craigslist.. i have no html experience and i need serious help. can you recommend anything?

  85. Update:

    Now works with Twitter.

    Now you can tweet your new ad through your twitter account.


  86. We have been using VFlyer for quite awhile now. They do offer custom themes and you could ask them to create a fitness branded one. They also allow you to create your own theme.

    The best part about them is their customer service. When you call you talk to a real live person that speaks English as their main language.

  87. Wow! Just found this page. Super great knowledge.
    Just last week I posted 5 household items on craigslist, using photos I took with my digital camera, and 3 items sold right away.
    Selling the stuff there, sure beats yard sale prices.

    I plan to learn how use craigslist to expand my sales of my business(s) in a BIG way. Mahalo!

  88. can’t find your youtube page

  89. Hi, thanks for the informative article.

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2010!

  90. Oscar

    I recently worked with
    They design great customized flyers for posting on Craigslist for $30. I thought it was reasonable. I liked a lot the ad that they made for me.

  91. Wish to post an ad with photos

  92. Thanx this is Really Awesome, I sign up and all ready using this
    and its free

  93. @Dale If you are not in real estate and instead are providing lessons and services you could give a try.

  94. Nabil A.

    Excellent article. Thanks for helping me to jazz up my CL ad.

  95. Andrew T

    I personally use craigsflyer, they have some cool templates, I’m in real estate so I have like 5 options, it’s a dollar per ad, I know a customized ad is better but I just can’t afford paying $50 for one b/c I post many. they deliver the html code but keep images on their server which is cool.

    here’s the link to it:

    do you guys know of a good autoposter? but I don’t want to be banned from CL..

  96. Awesome find. Thanks for sharing!

  97. thanks for the good read, vflyer is definely worth the time. we are now making our craiglist posts the best in our city of charlotte.

  98. stingray

    i use craigsflyer too, vflyer is too expensive for me and craigsflyer has some great templates

  99. JHail

    Ok saw this today.

    How is this posible to ad moving pics to CL WITH CLICKABLE LINKS?

  100. Thank you very much for this blog. Very smart and useful.

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  103. Anthony Brocato

    Thank you for this site. I has been very helpful to me.

    Thank you, Tony … :o)

  104. You should give a try and let me know what you think. It has a pretty rockin’ Post to Craigslist feature that makes a stunning looking listing.

  105. Mehran

    I like to use for listing cars for my friends dealership, nice little site that helps you list cars on craigslist…

  106. i use for my ads. they have over 40 templates.

  107. I do custom CL ads using Dreamweaver. It is pretty basic just using a few tables, and you can even make the backgrounds different just by making a table that fits 100% of page, with a gradient image, or solid colour. Then just put another centered fixed width table inside there for you ad content.
    I have created a small table that matches the look of my navigation bar on my website and has functional links, and created a GIF image that approximates the look of my flash intro on my homepage, so the look and feel are almost identical to my website. Just a handfull of tables inside of tables. All images are stored on my website’s storage area, but photbucket works great, too.
    You only have to do it once and treat it as a template, then put in your custom ad material into it when you want to post. No limit on pictures…

  108. sort of disappointed with the vflyer thing trying to get me to give money

    “Sign up for the free vFlyer Personal plan.”

    Yeaaaaah….free trial for that junk

    stick to your own html layout! save the $$$ for your startup!

  109. Shawn

    I’m having trouble posting in different areas.
    I’m not an auction site, I don’t even know what MLM is…
    I simply have several apartment complexes around the US…
    I have to post rental openings and Apartment manager jobs…
    Everything I do gets ghosted….
    Looked into CLBOT and CLAD GENIUS…. Do you reccomend either of these?

  110. Hey,

    Thanks for this. vFlyer is still around. I use it for my photo business in San Jose but very little actually call since people on craigslist are cheap.

    vFlyer is truly an amazing product and worth the investment.


  111. I have a few ad’s that i am looking to optimize on CL classifieds. neew some help making them pop


  112. Ryan

    Thanks for the info. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

    I also just came across a site called that has a lot of good tips and stuff on how to make your ads look better and sell faster.

  113. Matt

    Thank you. Worked great!

  114. TARA

    have you tryed

  115. I was happy to come across these tips. I’m currently having trouble after placing a bunch of my ads on Craigslist. Tried to spruce up the appearance by using Unfortuntely, when I do a search on Craigslist just like a potential customer would, I am unable to find my ads! I do find them in my account listing. I can click on them “manage” — then click on view ad here.. and I can view the fancy ad there. Will try some of the other suggestions, but does anyone know why I can’t find my ads? Thanks in advance! Yolanda

  116. Dominic

    Good stuff i like the clean look. I would always host my pics somewhere free like photobucket and just do some basic html coding to display full size hi resolution photos and also add more than four. photobucket actually provides you with the html code, you just have to put in some break tags and tags to keep everything where u want it. thanks for sharing



  118. Neal Lassiter

    Also consider
    Post up to 20 images, format your ad with an html editor, and post to craigslist with different image gallery options for free.

  119. What a big difference! :)

  120. We have been getting a lot of business from craigslist. What a great free resource.

  121. Jason

    its easier to just use

  122. sburt

    Can you upload pics from to If so, please let me know.

  123. I had this guy design it for me, I did the basic one for five bucks! He has alot of other cool features for a little more! You can’t beat that!

  124. just as I was thinking on how to spruce up the html in my craigslist listings I come across this post. I have tried the tips and overall the viewers on my craigslist ads have been more responsive. it definitely gives my ads more of a professional look. thank you

  125. Julie

    It doesn’t seem that VFlyer has a FREE option anymore. Maybe I should have read through the comments before! Did I miss the free option on Vflyer’s site? I didn’t see any… Thanks!

  126. Thank you for the information. We actually use Serif and just ad html coding once we load our image up. Looks very professional and loads quickly

  127. VFlyer might be ok for some, but they fall short of creating professional looking ads for service providers and small businesses needing to have a unique look, or mimic the visual appearance of their company website.

    We design XHTML Craigslist ads for our customers because oftentimes, a cheap instant-build solution falls short of what the client needs. Check out our website at – We create ONLY custom XHTML based Craigslist ads for our clients.

  128. jeremy

    Great post. FYI, I skim the source code off the template sites and just plunk it into Kompozer. Then I can do anything I want to it and pull out any annoying adds or links. If you use Mozilla Firefox for a web browser, just look under “web developer”>”View source code”. Copy all that text it gives you and paste it into the “View Source” section of Kompozer. Kompozer is a free website editor that is similar to the popular adobe dreamweaver product but is open source. You can download it at Happy listing!

  129. Great tips. Thanks for the helpful information. Still relevant after all this time.

  130. Aaron Sperling

    Julie, there is still a free option. It is called vFlyer Personal edition. There is a link to it on the pricing page. The subscription plans offer more craigslist layouts and the ability to create branded design themes.

  131. vFlyer is offering a start of the year right promotion on annual subscriptions. The promotion code is “vsitestartof2012″ for 20% off annual subscriptions to the vFlyer service.

  132. I like to use its free and there is no sign up or anything, its quick and easy. Their templates are pretty good but they could use a few more.

  133. Nellie A

    I would like to share what I have bneen using which is called, just $5.00 a month. it will also track how may clicked on your ad and traffic sources.

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