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Looking for decent software to record that tutorial, PowerPoint presentation, training video, or random screencast on your PC? Well thanks to an ad in PC Plus Magazine (UK), anyone and everyone can get a free copy of TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 3! Simply CLICK HERE to download the install file, then visit and request a software key to enable the full version.

So what’s the catch?

The catch is that Camtasia Studio 3 is an old version and TechSmith is hoping that you’ll love the software so much that you’ll shell out $150 for the latest version, Camtasia Studio 5. Keep in mind that Camtasia Studio 5 is regularly priced at $300 so you’re still getting a 50% discount – that’s something to think about before disregarding the offer.

Regardless, Camtasia Studio 3 is still one of the best screen recording and producing tools out there, so definitely take advantage of the offer before it is gone. You can also CLICK HERE for a feature comparison if you’re debating between Camtasia Studio 3 and Camtasia Studio 5.

The Closet Entrepreneur

Post Scriptum: Stay tuned for tips on getting the most out of your screencasts.

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  1. Brian


  2. TOMAS

    @Brian: No problem, hope the offer is still available – it’s a great software suite to have!

  3. The offer isn’t there anymore. I downloaded Camtasia Studio 5, it looks sweet and easy to use.

  4. TOMAS

    Hey Atin! You could try emailing their sales department at salesdept[at]techsmithmail[dot]com and see if they would be willing to send you a software key for version 3.1.3. I think the 3.1.3 download is still available, so it might be worth a shot. Also, I’m not sure if they can tell if you even have 3.1.3 so you might be able to still get the latest version at 50% off which is a steal for this software – CLICK HERE to check out the upgrade link if you haven’t done so already.

  5. It was a great offer, they were also giving away SnagIt 7, although I don’t know if it still being offered for free. Great tools though and a very useful addition.
    Have a great day

  6. We’ve been using this tool for our small business since we have multiple offices and employees often need to help other employees in another office. We have some issues with it though. Can anyone recommend another small business tool that would allow us to share screen captures for a relatively low cost (or free 🙂 ???

  7. TOMAS

    @Business Financing Guru: What kind of problems are you having exactly? Camtasia has been the best screen recording tool that I’ve come across for the PC so far. There are free ones out there but trust me, Camtasia is the better solution.

    As for other alternatives, if you’re just looking for screen captures – as in taking a photo of your screen and sharing it – you can try something like FastStone. If you’re looking for an alternative to capturing and sharing video, you might want to try out TechSmith’s Screencast which is currently in Beta.

    Hope this helps!

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