DVR Ready Subliminal Advertising

I love my HDTV DVR (Digital Video Recorder), yet it appears that advertisers hate DVRs since they allow users to fast-forward through commercials. In addition to fast-forwarding, DVR users can record shows, pause live TV, rewind missed content, and step through scenes in slow motion. It looks like advertisers have caught on to this and are now using the features and benefits of DVRs to deliver messages in a whole new way.

GE's One Second Theatre

GE created the One Second Theater to deliver a “commercial within a commercial” by using the 30 video frames in a second to give DVR users some bonus content to laugh about. You can see the bonus material by going to; click on “Watch How It Works” under “One Second Theater Clips” to see one of the commercials in action.

Sony's "I Saw That"

The Sony Bravia TV commercial flashes the screen shown above to direct viewers to which contains bonus content made for men and women, and Sprite has taken the opposite approach by actually encouraging DVR users to record and discover subliminal content in their SubLYMONal ad campaign. You can see the Sprite ads by going to Coca Cola’s Audio/Video Ad Center and scrolling to the bottom of the page. The videos contain a small message at the bottom of the screen that reads “DVR-Ready”.

I’ve got to hand it to these creative and sneaky advertisers, they’ve figured out how to get DVR users to watch their commercials yet again.

The Closet Entrepreneur

Post Scriptum: Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below to watch Derren Brown give a pair of advertising execs a taste of their own medicine.

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