Craig Newmark on The View

Alright, I think this might have to be the last post I do about Craig Newmark before I begin to sound like a stalker.

On June 7th, Craig Newmark appeared on a 10 minute segment of ABC’s The View (and no, I’m not a regular watcher of The View). It would’ve been an awesome segment had the chatty hosts actually let Craig Newmark finish his thoughts. Instead, most of the segment was spent listening to the hosts complain about the fact that Mr. Newmark hasn’t sold out. Especially annoying was the constant reference that Craig was a Priest (I wonder if the panel knew Craig has Jewish roots).

Thankfully, the segment wasn’t a total loss as Craig spoke of being the classic nerd devoid of common social skills, and expanding to 100 new cities in the coming week. He also talked about his 24 hours on craigslist movie and DVD.

The most memorable part of the segment for me was when he was asked why he didn’t want to become a billionaire; his response was something along the lines of I’m comfortable, the only thing that was missing in my life was a garage – and now the only thing missing is a hummingbird feeder that actually works. He also mentioned how he was demoted from manager back to Customer Service Rep & founder. The guy is definitely something else.

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