Chris Garrett’s Killer Flagship Content Review

I’ve been following Chris Garrett since he was a regular poster on He now runs his own personal blog at where he focuses on the science and business of blogging. I subscribed to his feed hoping to find the same insightful posts as the ones he regularly wrote for Performancing, and low and behold there was a free eBook waiting at the bottom of each feed post for subscribers to download – it was like receiving a free milkshake with my Red Robin burger!

In a nutshell, Chris’ Killer Flagship Content eBook is a quick and easy introduction to building the “gotta have it” blog. He talks about the “whys” and “hows” of producing useful and unique content that will keep users coming back for more, and he provides a great set of tips and techniques to help bloggers get started. So what if you’re content with your blog and are not looking to take it to the next level? Even in this situation, Killer Flagship Content is a welcomed resource since it provides information on how to engage your readers and ensure that you’re providing quality content.

Although I’m far from having the time to make The Closet Entrepreneur the “go to” resource for starting entrepreneurs, Killer Flagship Content has given me a new perspective on what my blog could be and I’ve already started brainstorming ways that I can better serve visitors looking for ideas and resources on entrepreneurship. In conclusion, the eBook is a good read and I definitely recommend it. Best of all, it’s free for those who subscribe to Chris’ feed.

You can find more information at Chris’ website:
Killer Flagship Content – Free Ebook To Download

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