2012 Work Week Calendar

Free 2012 Work Week Calendar

If you’re new to this site, this 2012 Work Week Calendar is based on the badge-sized calendars that my previous employer hands out every year.

For 2012, I’m including two versions of the work week calendar. The first is an ISO 8601 compliant version to match what most companies here in the US use, and the second is a work week calendar based off the Microsoft Outlook work week calendar.

I have also included a candy bar style calendar based on David Seah’s Compact Calendar.

As always this calendar is completely free to download, modify, and use.

*Please contact me with any mistakes or issues you find.

Download 2012 Work Week Calendar for Excel

Download 2012 Work Week Calendar for iWork’s Numbers

Download 2012 Work Week Calendar PDF

Reader’s Shared Calendars…

Previous work week calendars have been translated to other languages and country specific work weeks, so feel free to send me your updated calendar and I will be more than happy to add it to this post.

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  1. Mahmoud

    we have different working days in middle east, for instance Egypt weekends are Friday and Saturday, and Saudi Arabia are Thursday and Friday. Friday is a common week end in middle east..
    Can we have a customizable calendar for our cases.

  2. we have different working days in middle east, for instance Egyp

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