2011 Work Week Calendar

Back by Popular Demand: Free 2011 Work Week Calendar

This work week calender is based on the badge-sized calendars that my previous employer hands out every year.

Something I’ve done a bit differently this time around is to make the calendar ISO 8601 compliant to match what most companies here in the US use; regardless, you’re more than welcome to modify and change the calendar as you see fit.

UPDATE: Reader Shelley pointed out in the comments that the calendar actually isn’t ISO 8601 compliant due to the fact that the weeks begin on Sunday, and not Monday as they do in an ISO 8601 compliant calendar.

I have also included a candy bar style calendar based on David Seah’s Compact Calendar.

As always this calendar is completely free to download, modify, and use.

2011 Work Week Calendar Download

For 2011, I have provided an Excel version (an iWork Numbers version and a PDF version are coming soon). This calendar has been tested on Excel 2007 and should be backward compatible with earlier versions of Excel.

*Please be sure to contact me with any mistakes or issues I may need to correct.

Reader’s Shared Calendars

Previous work week calendars have been translated to other languages and country specific work weeks, so feel free to send me your updated calendar and I will be more than happy to add it to this post.

The Closet Entrepreneur

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  1. Hi Tomas

    Good Blog – think Ill use the calendar –

    I recently escaped from the cubicle and lived to write a song about it – and researching other cube songs I discovered your Blog . Having an interest in same stuff as you – entrepreneur/technology thought it may be of use to you as content.

    Song called – “Did I leave the cubicle, or did the cubicle leave me? ”


    Best of luck


  2. Shelley

    hi closetentrepreneur,

    i’m a bit confused…you mentioned that your calendar for 2011 is now ISO work week compliant, but when I download your calendar you have work weeks starting on sunday. work weeks according to the iso standard start on mondays. so for example, your calendar shows that this coming sunday april 24th falls in ww 18, but in fact it is still part of ISO ww 17.

  3. Hi Shelley, you are indeed correct and that is a mistake on my part – thank you for the heads up! 🙂

    I have updated the post to let readers know that the calendar is not ISO compliant.

  4. Just dropping a note to say thanx – I found this of use.

  5. whale

    Hi Tomas

    Thank you for this week calendar.
    this is what i am looking for.
    thank you!

  6. I found your blog when searching on Wufoo and now I can’t seem to stop reading through other posts… Ok, I’ve now added you to my RSS feed list! Is there gonna be a new release of this calendar for 2012, as I seem to have ‘found you’ too late for this year! Cheers. Tim

  7. frank

    I am using your calendar for 2 years now. Are you planning on posting a 2012 version as well (plesae) 😉

  8. Hi folks, just wanted to let everyone know that the 2012 calendar will be posted on Friday January 6th so stay tuned and my apologies for the delay! 😉

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