12 Unique Business Card Advertising Displays

Most people advertise by pinning their business cards to a cork board or shoving them in a generic business card holder. However, you’re a visionary entrepreneur and such old-fashioned business card advertising methods just won’t do! Instead, you hunger for something unique that makes your business cards stand out from the rest, possibly something a little like this:

Card Cues


Business owner Mark Picard writes,

I like using [Card Cues] because they’re an inexpensive and quality (thick and glossy) solution. I’ve been hanging business cards on local bulletin boards for years and one of the problems is when a perspective customer comes along and takes the card… my advertising on the board is gone. With these things, I can stuff 35-40 cards in the holder and have them hanging on a bulletin board (in roughly the same footprint as 2-3 cards) where they’ll KEEP advertising for me even AFTER a bunch of potential customers have taken a card. If nothing else, I don’t have to keep revisiting the same bulletin boards a few times a week to pin more individual cards up. But besides the time savings – I really think I’ve garnered more work because of them.

The Business Card-Business Card Display

[photo credit: Shinkimchi]

Software developer Ned Batchelder created a tutorial that shows you how to make a business card cube out of existing business cards. Unfortunately, you have to waste a few business cards to make the cube, but at least you don’t have to actually buy any additional items (you could always use some old business cards to make the box).

The Nintendo NES Controller Business Card Display

Nintendo NES Controller Business Card Holder

Unfortunately, Etsy seller lostmitten sold out of these creative business card displays in May of 2007, but who knows what a little begging and pleading might get you. Plus if you’re really ambitious, you could put your own spin on the design and make your own custom display out of perler beads or Legos.

The Vintage 80’s Action Figure Business Card Display

[photo credit: chesterfly]

Designer and Flickr user chesterfly came up with the interesting idea of using Prince Adam’s alter ego (a.k.a. He-Man) as a business card holder. You could dig through your old junk or take a trip to the local thrift store in the hopes of finding your favorite childhood action figure (where’s that die cast Voltron when you need it) and putting it to work. Of course, this idea may not be feasible in certain situations but it’s a unique solution nonetheless.

The Japanese Papercraft Business Card Display

[photo credit: Lenore M. Edman, www.evilmadscientist.com]

Lenore Edman’s Japanese Papercraft box tutorial has all the information you’ll need to create your own custom business card display box. Although this particular design is a bit more labor intensive, it is completely customizable to match your company’s logo and branding.

The Eco-Friendly Reused Business Card Display

[photo credit: Bekathwia]

Artist and PhD Design student Rebecca Stern designed her business card holder out of corrugated cardboard, which should appeal to customers with a love for eco-friendliness and reuse. There are no instructions for building the holder, but according to Rebecca,

It’s basically just one piece that wraps around and has a slit in it, then a bottom and another little shelf for the top section; nothing too fancy. The pieces have tabs which made it easier to glue them together.

Again, this design is completely customizable and there is also a “Leave Yours” slot where potential customers and fellow business owners can leave their business card for networking and collaboration.

The Paint Chip Business Card Display

Paint Chip Business Card Holder by Tango!

Fellow blogger tango! has created a template and tutorial for making your own business card holder out of the free paint chips that you find at home improvement stores. Just about any thick paper can be used so the design can be easily modified to suit your needs.

The Retro Cassette Tape Business Card Display

[photo credit: queen lila]

This particular design by stylist, DJ, and radio producer Liz is actually a business card holder, yet the potential for modifying the design into a business card display is why it was picked. Other possible items that can be fashioned into a business card display are old floppy disks, 8-tracks, or vinyl records (can be molded into different shapes with a hot iron)

The Nucleus Business Card Display

[photo credit: lenkodesign]

Flickr user lenkodesign has a prototype for a simple and contemporary business card display that is made from 9 gauge silver rod. According to the designer,

This product is designed to be produced in batches by people with limited skills. The design is an exonomical product to produce and is aimed for the corporate market. Value is added through design. The product is made simply by using a set of three jigs for bending. Materials are 300mm of 9 guage silver rod and 5mm rubber balls

The Custom Paper Toy Business Card Display

[photo credit: Custom Paper Toys]

Designer and cartoonist Matt Hawkins created the C3 business card holder for his department at work. The body of the robot opens up and acts as additional business card storage. Although this particular item is a one of a kind creation, you could try getting in contact with Matt to see if he would be willing to implement a custom design for your own business card display.

The Retro Couch Business Card Display

[photo credit: mirandami]

Etsy seller Posh Pretties has been making and selling polymer clay items for over a year, and she is more than willing to try her hand at custom orders.

The Cork Business Card Display

[photo credit: narchi]

Last but not least, Etsy seller narchi created this simple business card display out of cork. As with several of the designs above, this is an eco-friendly alternative that is easily customizable.

In Conclusion…

By now you’re either inspired to put your own spin on a unique business card display, or you’re overwhelmed by all your options and will instead opt for a regular display. Regardless, using your business card to advertise your business is something that is easy and inexpensive to do so be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to make your business cards and business card display stand out from the rest!

So what do you think, do you have any ideas or tips for a unique business card display? If so, feel free to leave a comment!

The Closet Entrepreneur

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  1. I totally dig some of these “solutions.” I will most definitely be going through my action figure collection tonight.

  2. TOMAS

    @Austin – I was also thinking that it would be a good idea to integrate some type of sling or backpack to act as additional storage for more business cards since a figurine would probably only hold a few cards at most. Regardless, the possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it. πŸ™‚

  3. Aaron

    Hi Austin,

    One of the most unique business card displays i’ve seen is here… http://www.freecard.com . This company has found a system to make money with the displays as an actual business. It’s worth taking a look at… clever idea in my opinion.

  4. Tny

    The ideas are so cool..
    I can’t even imagine it before!!!
    Love the ideas πŸ™‚

  5. TOMAS

    @Aaron – Thanks for the recommendation – it’s quite interesting to see someone make a business out of putting business cards on display (nice business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs). πŸ™‚

    @TNY – Glad you enjoyed the ideas, hope it inspires you to create something unique for all to see! πŸ˜€

  6. Loved the update on the unique biz. cards. After reading this post we are going to update out card holders:-)

  7. TOMAS

    @1 Button To WiFi Chick – Glad to hear that this inspired you to update your card holders!

    BTW, here’s another great idea for a card holder that isn’t being used as a card holder yet: Dragon Illusion. The optical illusion is amazing!

  8. If you wanna see over 50 Unique Business card displays and dispensers check out http://www.AdPockets.com. AdPockets is the largest manufacturer and designer of business card displays on the planet.

    Love this post keep it up

    AdPockets Staff

  9. Card cues is apparently OOB… what’s up?

  10. TOMAS

    @Shawn Frey – That’s news to me, where did you hear about Card Cues being out of business – care to share any details?

  11. TOMAS

    I contacted Card Cues customer service and it was communicated to me that they’re currently experiencing server outages due to issues that arose after a server migration. I don’t believe they’re OOB.

  12. Not sure if Card Cues is out of business, at one time they were being looked at by a company to sell the Card cues exclusive IE office max type store or something like that.

    I’ve had better success having the Post a Card Company a sister company of the AdPockets above do my card holders. Beats the pants off the card cues, I wanted something alittle custom. Not for everyone but i hate printing my own stuff. These are paper and can do anything hold about 50 cards can hang or stick or stand on a counter.

  13. Bob

    CardCues is alive and well… so relax with the rumors – it appears to have been a simple website glitch. I’ve personally used CardCues and they work great – and no offense Chad but CardCues cost a fraction of what you’re advocating.

    Incidently, you can buy them online easily but I hope they do eventually wind up in a big box store. It would be nice if they’re distribution was wider and more readily accessible.

  14. Thats Great Bob,

    No offense taken
    But education on The Post A Card verses the Card Cues cost. The difference is huge when you compare products. Making for me The Post A Card or PAC’s a winner. The price is wholesale 2.95 each min 10 which includes full color design and die cutting. full color 14pt cards start at 19.00 per 1000 full color free back side BW printing. To have it very custom there’s really is no comparasin to do it yourselfs. BUT the card cues have their place. Good to know your still around Bob and best on getting in a big chain its doable

  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. I see Card Cues is back online. I originally heard about them from John Jantz over at duct tape marketing. I had not heard of Post A Card before but am planning to check them out tonight.

    Thanks again,

  16. deb

    for the diy inclined, there are instructions to make a similar product to card cues here:


  17. TOMAS

    @deb – That’s awesome, thanks for the link!


  18. This is fantastic collection of creative projects. Thanks for sharing. It reminded me of my friend’s site/resource you might like http://www.jumpola.com

  19. TOMAS

    @Chris – Thanks for the link, I found a nice business card guide on his site that I bookmarked for future reference.


  20. I was inspired by the business card display made out of business cards and decided to modify it a bit. I have written a tutorial on my website: http://www.youngbusinessowner.com/ . If anyone decides to make one, I wouldn’t mind if you sent in a picture!

    Thanks Closet Entrepreneur!

  21. TOMAS

    @Chris Palko – Great tutorial you put together, thanks for sharing!

  22. Maureen

    Something else that comes in handy.. the empty Orbit gum pack.. great for posting to bulletin boards. (And your cards wind up smelling like spearmint)

  23. TOMAS

    @Maureen – How crazy, I just came across that idea last week when I had an empty pack sitting right next to some business cards! I guess great minds think alike. The interesting thing is that only a few people have actually blogged about it online, but I guess I can add to the fray with a blog post of my own.


  24. I’ll bet the reused cardboard and the cork displays are popular now with everyone going green. The cork display’s modern styling doesn’t hurt it either! There’s a good article about business card holders and displays at ArticleTrunk.

  25. I bought some card cues this Summer after my original post here. They work well and they are STILL working. No one yet has thrown them in the trash. I only have them up on (2) bulletin boards. Very cheap advertising.

    Tomas, great blog.

    All the best,
    Shawn Frey

  26. @Color Business Cards – I’m willing to bet that you’re correct! I haven’t had time to research the idea, but I was thinking that a display made out of cereal boxes would be kind of cool too. πŸ™‚

    @shawn frey – Thanks for the follow up; glad to know that they’re working well for you! πŸ™‚

  27. yusee

    Why do people still pass out business card as most people misplace or trash it in seconds. I use this website to help me manage and share my business cards. http://carddemand.com

  28. @yusee – It’s interesting that you say that, because I’ve wondered how effective business cards truly are.

    I really think it depends on the person; for example, I actually keep every business card I’m given and they’ve come in quite handy when I need to get a hold of someone. My second resource is usually someone’s blog or Facebook page, but that’s only if I can remember who the person is.

    As for giving out business cards, I’ve been in situations where I don’t have a business card handy and suggest that they find me via a Google search for my name or blog. I have yet to hear from someone who has been given that advice. On the other hand, I have actually received several emails from individuals who I’ve given a business card to.

    In my experience, telling someone you find via a website or search actually presents more complexity into the equation. Plus, from a personal branding perspective, sending someone to another website instead of your own personal website doesn’t seem like such a good idea in my opinion.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. πŸ™‚

  29. I agree. I even put my cards on sticky-back magnets. My customers and prospects hang on to these for a very long time.

  30. LOVE the He-Man one. Kind of want to steal that idea for myself.

  31. @James Kurtz III – I hear you, it’s one of my faves too! πŸ™‚

  32. I like the action figure idea!

  33. @Charles – It definitely looks like it’s one of the more popular ones. πŸ˜‰

  34. Seth B

    Nice post! This the best post for biz card displays I’ve found… And cool website in general, good ideas…

    I had to develop another type of display idea for a trade show, business card display and drop box, as none of these fit my needs exactly. You can see the pic by following the link above.

    I couldn’t find anything online that matched, so hopefully people looking here read the comments πŸ™‚


    Seth Berman
    china furniture manufacturers

  35. @Seth B – Nice looking drop box, thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  36. @Raised Print Business Cards – TY! πŸ™‚

  37. bobby

    here are 3 card cue templates i found on a google search


  38. @bobby – Awesome find and thank you for sharing! πŸ˜‰

  39. Great mini collection!

    Hear another big collection of original business cards:

    have a look!

  40. Great stuff – thanks for all the info and inspiration!


  41. Aww these are cute especially that one box where you can leave your own business card as well.

  42. Thanks for the collection. I think it’s too much original!
    But I would like to show another collection of business cards:

    Simple business cards but original and elegant! Have a look!

  43. Stef

    I like the card cues. Thanks for the Carddemand link, similar to http://www.thecardboard.net, another online business card bulletin board/display.

  44. I love the idea of sprucing up the business card displays. I really like the Retro Couch display the best! Thanks for sharring

  45. Theresa

    Had so much fun using the ideas here~ thanks for the creative ideas!

  46. I love this site! Thank you, such great ideas!!

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